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3.1 Phillip Lim Pashi Mini Studded Leather Fur Satchel

Spring has sprung, and with that, our bags are getting a little brighter and a little lighter as the weeks go by. For this edition of Bag Deals, we found lots of crossbodies and mini …

While winter is slowly approaching here in NYC, I’d love this Sam Edelman Bryn Pouchette Bag to add a little bit of sunshine to my winter wardrobe. A few weeks ago, I wrote about the …

Alright, before anyone begins to chastise me, I am calling myself out. I realize that I cannot make up my mind. So for those of you who missed out, yesterday I wrote about a ROMYGOLD bag that absolutely disgusted me. I mean, it almost made me physically ill when I came across it. Then, just a little while ago as I perused Shopbop, I came across a smaller version of the bag, a much, much smaller version and, well, I really like it. (more…)

My days of being slightly frightened by Mr and Miss Marc are over, completely done with. In fact, I can barely remember why I was so creeped out in the first place! Oh, right- because they are kind of creepy. However, they’re extremely cool in an odd Tim Burton sort of way. But I’m over the creepiness. (more…)

I have no problem admitting I wasn’t born with the innate desire to own designer handbags. My handbag addiction is one that has developed over time. In fact, I blame Megs. She’s always been interested in the newest, hottest and most fabulous handbags out there. So, over time, I began to take note as well.

But now, looking back, I really could have used a handbag intervention at a much earlier age. I continue to come across bags that would have been ideal for my high school or college years. This bag is one of them. (more…)

Piperlime is a great site for savvy price worthy handbags. There is so much to choose from and you are bound to find something that won’t make your wallet and/or bank account cry.

At the same time, the site also offers picks from superstar stylist Rachel Zoe. I love checking out her picks for handbags and beyond. However, I am not sure I am with her on this pick, are you? (more…)

Antik Batik Kassi Cross Body BagShopbop describes Antik Batik as having a “nomad luxe” style. Looking at the Antik Batik Cassi Cross Body Bag, that description totally rings true. Fringes, after all, were used in the costumes of many Native American nomads. Normally fringes bags have a bohemian look to them, a bit of a careless, unfinished fashion. But this bag is much different.

The smoothness of the black leather is such that it resembles satin, and rather than looking rough, the long braided strap is delicately fragile. The jumble of beads and sequins on the front flap is the best part. It fancies up the bag, bringing it from just a black fringed bag to a black fringed bag suitable for evening. Plus, it adds more than a smidgen of cool to any outfit; especially if you are planning on rocking light wash denim or open-toed booties. Not to mention it would look oh-so-effortless dangling off the shoulder, paired with a 20’s style straight-lined dress. It’s a bag that crosses the times, don’t you think? Buy through Shopbop for $325.