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Costume National Ruched HoboFew people love a slouchy bag more than me. In my own handbag collection, I mostly eschew structure in favor of soft, slouchy, slightly bohemian shoulder bags and oversized clutches. I worship soft, wearable leather.

Which makes the Costume National Ruched Hobo all the more disappointing to me – this is a bag I could have easily loved if the design had been decent at all. But it’s not – instead, it’s just really awkward. Although it’s a hobo, the body of the bag protrudes unreasonably far up past where the handles are attached, creating a weird pooch of material above where you would expect the bag to stop. It breaks up what could have been a clean but slouchy line and makes the bag look a little home-sewn, to borrow a phrase from Project Runway. The black iteration of this bag is somewhat less expensive (probably because black is a color notorious for being flaw-friendly), but the dark brown does nothing but highlight the considerable number of design issues we have here. I’m all for avant garde, but this is just ill-conceived. Buy through Saks for $1125.

I’ve been hoping that Saks would start carrying Costume National handbags ever since they began selling their shoes several months ago, and now that I’ve gotten my wish…well, I’m a tad underwhelmed. This particular brand is known for it’s innovative, deconstructed brand of downtown cool, and I can’t help but think that the Costume National Foldover Shoulder Bag is a bit on the safe and blah side for them.

Costume National Foldover Shoulder Bag

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a perfectly serviceable bag. I really like that the shoulder strap is extra wide compared to a lot of single-strap bags, since that’s usually a feature that makes a bag really comfortable and easy-to-carry. So I appreciate the effort on that aspect, and I also appreciate the color. At first look, it’s kind of boring, but I love dark grey and I think more bags need to embrace the color, so I’ll give it a pass. But overall, the feeling I’m getting from this bag isn’t cutting-edge or downtown or young. It’s just kinda meh, and I was really hoping for an innovative and interesting line of handbags to write about. If their entire range of offerings is represented accurately by what’s currently available, I’m more than a little disappointed. Buy through Saks for $990.

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