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There’s almost nothing I like better in fashion than when it reminds me of something slightly fantastical or science fiction related. I know, clothing and handbags are supposed to be useful and realistic, because we need to protect our bodies and belongings from the elements; Well. To that I retort: we’re beyond that age, and now fashion can look to the future. Plus, we can always wear our impractical gear indoors and not worry about a tornado ruining it or something.

That element of fantasy is what attracted me to the Be & D Leather Convertible Bag. The raised spheres on the flap of the little cross body reminded me of futuristic armor or something equally awesome. But then, I made the mistake of looking at the bag in a fleshy color, a color that Be & D calls “citrus.” Friends, I’ve never seen a citrus fruit in this color. It’s fleshy, a salmon-esque shade at best. (more…)

It was always about this time during the fall semester that I would start getting irritated with my school bag. Class had been in for six weeks, the first round of tests and papers were done, and things inside my tote bag were looking a mess. I always just carried my laptop and whatever paperback books I needed for my lit classes, so when tests and papers were graded and returned, my bag turned into a nest of crumpled assignments with a stray, empty bottle of Diet Coke here and there, and I would start thinking that it was time for a new bag.

It wasn’t really time for a new bag, it was just time for me to start carrying a folder to put stuff in and throwing away my empty drink bottle at the end of class, but that never occurred to me until after I graduated. If I was still in school now, I’d have my eye on something like the IRO Boker Bag. (more…)

I’m not a big suede fan. It looks kind of dated and at times kind of cheap, and because of the texture, it gets dirty oh-so-quickly. I’ve never seriously considered buying a suede bag, and I doubt that I will any time soon. It’s not part of my personal style.

But someone’s got to be buying them, because people keep making them. And if you’re in the market for suede, the Furla Elisabeth Camoscio/Croco Hobo might just be a great bet. (more…)

Generally, we try to write about a bag only once, but we sometimes have to go back and reevaluate what we’ve said when new information becomes available. It’s our duty as handbag journalists!

And one of the most important things when looking at bags online is the number and quality of photos available. Since ShopBop redesigned their website a few months ago, their photos have gotten larger, more detailed and more numerous, and that only benefits all of us out here trying to decide on which bag to buy, sight unseen. And the new bags certainly do a lot of favors for the Jerome Dreyfuss Billy Bag. (more…)

Once upon a time, in the 1980s, MCM was, like, a thing. Or at least that’s what I gather – I was still wearing diapers for much of that time period. They seemed to be fond of making logo-covered fabric bags, which were so obviously recognizable that they became easily dated when they went out of style.

Well, MCM is back with a new look, and it has nothing to do with their 80s logo’d messes. They’re collaborating with new designers to update their image, and the MCM Giornio Tote, designed by Marc Jacobs alum and Gryson owner Joy Gryson, is a strong statement of modernity. (more…)

I’ll be the first to say that I can appreciate when a designer does something a little weird. If no one ever went off the beaten path, we’d never have any new trends to look for and fawn over, and it’d be much harder for me to find stuff to write about every day. So, on both an artistic and practical level, I like a little eccentricity in my day.

But often, the weirdness just doesn’t work. The handle structure of the Cynthia Vincent Fairfax Convertible Tote is really throwing me for a loop. (more…)

Versatility: a good thing! On the surface, at least.

At times, handbags striving to be useful in as many ways as possibly totally fail at being genuinely useful in any of them. You get quantity over quality, and design elements get muddled and altered in ways that aren’t entirely adherent to the idea that good design should have focus and purpose. Does the Olivia Harris Three-In-One Shoulder Bag succeed in any of the things that it intends to do, or does it miss the forest for the trees? You’re going to have to click to find out. (more…)

I’ve always been a big fan of black. When I was 5, I embarrassed my parents at my kindergarten entrance interview by telling the school counselor that my favorite color was black (apparently the counselor found that a little odd for a little girl). It still ranks pretty high on my list of favorites, and I’ve enjoyed seeing all the black bags that have been coming out for fall (it’s easily the season’s most prominent trend). But sometimes it’s nice to have a palate cleanser in between courses – the juxtaposition helps you appreciate what you’re getting. And what’s a better palate cleanser for somber black leather than glossy hot pink?

Dolce & Gabanna Miss Sicily Convertible Bag

Which is exactly what the Dolce & Gabanna Miss Sicily Convertible Bag is. The structure of the bag combined with the bright color reads a bit, uh, mature to me, but it’s hard to hate on a bag that’s so relentlessly cheerful in the face of trends that are so strongly the opposite. I don’t love it and probably wouldn’t buy it or wear it, but I can appreciate it for what it is and what it’s trying to do. Buy through Saks for $1695.

Nordstrom Convertible Fringe HoboI’m normally not much for “house brands” when it comes to fashion – I like companies with a design perspective and an evolution from season to season. With a brand manufactured by a department store, you lose a bit of identity and history, which is part of the fun of the whole purse thing (if we’re being honest with ourselves). However, occasionally a house brand will come up with something that’s a great deal, which is the case with the Nordstrom Convertible Fringe Hobo.

It’s hard to tell how long a trend like fringe will be around or how much money you should put in to trying to stay current. A bag like this presents the perfect option: since no clear It-Bag winner has emerged in the fringe category, it’s perfectly acceptable to find a less-expensive alternative that you like in order to invest limited cash in a trend that may disappear overnight. What’s even better is that this handbag is so cute and functional. It can be used as both a hobo and a messenger, and it has a brilliant convertible handle instead of having two handles of differing lengths. The leather looks smooth and perfectly serviceable and the fringe isn’t too overpowering. For the price, it seems like a pretty decent deal. Buy through Nordstrom for $148.

Foley + Corinna Stanton MessengerIt’s been, uh, kind of a while since I’ve had something nice to say about a Foley + Corinna bag. Which is really unfortunate, since they’re one of my favorite lower-priced brands and I think they make fabulous bags in general. They’ve just made some missteps recently, and isn’t that something with which we can all identify? Of course, which is why seeing the Foley + Corinna Stanton Messenger made me so happy.

Previously, we wrote about the hot mess that is the Foley + Corinna Stanton Convertible Tote, and the messenger version of the line is clearly superior. Not only does it eliminate one set of handles, but it streamlines the design into something that looks like it was intended to be a hobo when carried as one and intended to be a messenger when carried by the longer strap. Considering very few convertible messenger bags ever succeed at looking purposeful and useful in both configurations, that’s quite a design accomplishment. If you prefer it as a hobo, though, never fear – the long strap is fully removable. Welcome back to the game, Foley + Corinna. Buy through Luna Boston for $448.

It’s official, folks: black is the new black. There’s no denying it anymore. Every day when I go about trying to select bags to write about, I do my best to vary the shapes, brands, and colors that I write about. I figure things get a little visually boring if every bag resembles the bag before it, and we do try to entertain as much as inform here at PurseBlog. The thing is, though, black seems to be emerging as such an all-encompassing bag trend for fall that the color is becoming unavoidable. And as long as the black bags keep being as functional and fashionable as the Kooba Brett Small Crossbody, I have no problem with their ubiquity.

Kooba Brett Small Crossbody

I don’t really even like crossbody bags, but this one is great. It’s not so enormous that it looks like it would be better used as a laptop tote than a handbag, and Kooba priced it commensurate to its size (something few designers deign to do). The black leather looks fabulous and soft, plus the shape should be easy to wear and it’s got a couple pockets to hold all your stuff. This is a great alternative to many of the much more expensive bags that have a trendy long shoulder strap, and Kooba makes great bags in general. Buy through Saks for $395.

Stock photos are, very often, terrible. There’s always harsh overhead lighting and a bunch of tissue paper stuffed into a bag until it might burst, and that’s just not any way to decide what a bag might look like in real life, with your stuff inside of it. I’m always surprised by how many bags look beautiful in person that I would have dismissed completely based only on their online pictures. There is a right way to photograph a bag, of course, just not many people do it. We do, though, and it proves that sometimes it take a non-stock photo to realize how tremendously beautiful a bag really is.

Gustto Donna Torsa Satchel

My favorite example of this phenomenon is the Gustto Donna Torsa Satchel. It looks perfectly serviceable, if a tad odd, in its stock photos from Bloomingdale’s. But when you take a look at the beautiful Bag Art photos that Megs and Vlad took, which can be found here, the bag seems much softer and slouchier than it does when stuffed with tissue and the overall effect is much more fashionable and chic. Buy through Bloomingdales for $790.