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Now this is very, very interesting. And what is more interesting than the fact that Marc by Marc Jacobs made a very, let’s say, incase-looking computer sleeve is the fact that the Shopbop silhouette model is carrying it like a clutch. I have a lightweight computer, and I would not carry it that way. Too risky. And this is supposed to carry a computer that is 14.5 inches long! (more…)

Rebecca Minkoff Virginia Computer SleeveTo all fashionistas who dread working on their laptop away from home because it requires them to carry an icky black nylon padded laptop bag: you can worry no more! The Rebecca Minkoff Virginia Computer Sleeve is the reason why. It’s an adorable way to carry your laptop, provided that it’s smaller than 10″H by 14″L by 1.5″D- for fellow Apple fans, the new 13″ MacBook Pro will fit with a bit of wiggle room, but the 15″ MacBook Pro is too long.

The bag is sleek, with a simple design that eludes many laptop bags today; without external pockets or flaps, the only embellishment comes from the ostrich embossing on the leather. This makes for a lovely bag, except of the fact that you’re going to have to carry another bag for your charger, unless if you travel sans charger (brave!) or have huge pockets. And while we discuss setbacks, the strap lacks a shoulder pad, so be prepared for the thin strap to pinch your shoulder- but the strap is removable. Carry it alone for a streamlined look, or tuck it in another bag for added security. Either way, this sleeve gets points in my book. Buy through ShopBop for $150.