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Cole Haan Phoebe Pleated Leather SatchelI’ve been kind of bored with Cole Haan bags for the past few seasons. Their designs are perfectly respectable – tailored, functional, and usually with lots of pockets. And, I mean, who doesn’t love pockets? I know I do. But something about them hasn’t had much of a zing in a little while, which is too bad, since they’re a great brand. They make somewhat affordable bags out of really thick, luxurious leathers that last a long time, and I’d buy them left and right if they were just a bit more fashionable. Well apparently, ask and ye shall receive: the Cole Haan Phoebe Pleated Leather Satchel.

I was taken (somewhat unwillingly; there might have been some whining like a 12-year-old on my part) into the Cole Haan boutique in Atlanta by my mom yesterday, and I’m glad I was. If she hadn’t made me, I would have never realized how lovely this collection, and this bag in particular, is in person. The leather is luxurious and smooshy, but the pleating and construction still allow it to mostly keep it’s shape. It comes in several sizes (from tiny to enormous) and a few colors, but my favorite was the medium in crisp, summer-ready white. The bag was light as a feather and had enough room for even the biggest packrat to load it down, but the straps were so thick and soft that it would take a ton of stuff to make it uncomfortable to carry. I was thoroughly impressed – I hope Cole Haan continues on the road that brought them to this bag. Buy through Saks for $498.