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Cleobella is the answer for boho recessionistas looking for a trendy-but-broken-in bag, one that’s of a certain quality. Their prices are generally low, as far as designer bags are concerned, and the leather is always what I like to call “Williamsburg-worn.” That is, the leather has that worn look favored by alternative hipsters one often runs into in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

However, with its studs and fringe, this Cleobella Zula Bag veers much more towards the trendy than the alternative. But is that such a bad thing? It’s definitely difficult to consolidate two trends at once, especially ones so different, like these two. This bag gets it right, though. (more…)

Cleobella Kyler Fringe BagSo, I have a cold. It’s one of those colds that just seems to linger and linger. One minute I think I am feeling better and the next I feel like I should curl up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa and a great movie. When I am feeling under the weather, I like to treat myself to something special, just to boost my mood. And speaking of boosting my mood, nothing does so more than a fun, flirty handbag. Fringe is something that is growing on me. If you would have asked me a couple months ago how I felt, I would have said, less is more. And although, I still feel that way, I find I am liking fringe more and more. The Cleobella Kyler Fringe Bag is a fun take on a simple bag. The leather bag has a zipper pocket at back and bold metallic piping throughout. I think more than anything, I am digging this bag because of my mood. I need something fun, flirty and more than anything, movement. It looks like a great bag to carry around during the day while still being able to pull it off at night. Buy through Shop Bop for $418.