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Vegas, what a city! I celebrated a friend’s birthday out there this past weekend and was instantly reminded how much I love that city. The lights, the hotels, the restaurants, the shopping, the people watching – it really is like a playground for adults. I have to say, with all the glitz and glamor from start to finish, I couldn’t help but notice some wonderful outfits and handbags during my stay. There really were some amazing handbags being sported around the city. With all the energy and excitement, I found myself yearning for a new hip and fun bag, kind of like the Christian Louboutin Studio 54 Bag.

Usually, I don’t care for lime green handbag, but this one might actually work. The color is soft and in conjunction with the size of the bag, it isn’t overwhelming. Zip detailing at the flap with magnetic closures adds dimension to the bag. One of the best things about this bag would have to be the removable shoulder strap. For me, this bag works much better as a clutch, but the shoulder strap could definitely come in handy. In typical Christian Louboutin fashion, there is something else eye catching about the bag, red leather lining. I’ve written about Christian Louboutin bags before and each one definitely had its own flare. This bag, can definitely hold its own during a night out in Vegas or any city for that matter. Buy through Bluefly for $571.99.