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I am super excited to share information about the giveaway that we are launching today. We’ve teamed up with the Buzz Girls and Charles David to bring you a really unique and amazing giveaway. While you are probably accustom to a handbag giveaway, how about a handbag, a pair of shoes and a gift bag?!

I am sure you are familiar with Charles David and the versatile shoes and handbags this brand continues to introduce. Yet, if you are wondering who the Buzz Girls are, well, let me fill you in! The Buzz Girls is a group of super influential and fashion forward women who help to determine some of the most lust-worthy products and events in the entertainment and lifestyle industry. They have the “in” on red carpet events, fashion trends and what’s hot! So, I am sure you can see why we’ve partnered up with our new friends to bring you something fabulous! So, what is up for grabs and how do you win? (more…)

Charles David Snake Embossed Suede Flap BagI’m having a hard time summoning up some thoughts about the Charles David Snake-Embossed Suede Flap Bag. And that’s not a problem I have often – I’m judgmental and snarky by nature, something I constantly fight in the real world but get to embrace in my Purse Blog life. And it’s time to do it right now, and I don’t have much to say.

Sure, the color of this is nice. Dark teal blues are good against a lot of skin colors and jewel tones always look great with the blacks, browns, and dark greys of fall, but it’s not making me swoon for some reason. And I’m not sure I like the flap – it’s fine, I guess, but it looks a little bunchy and oversized for the body of the bag. The combination of suede and faux snakeskin also isn’t completely inspiring in this iteration – the snakeskin looks fake and the suede doesn’t make the bag look quite as plush as you would expect. It’s not terrible by any means, but nothing about it makes my heart sing, and sometimes the mediocre bags are the hardest ones to review. Buy through Nordstrom for $188.

Charles David Liquid Patent Horizontal SatchelThe Charles David Liquid Patent Horizontal Satchel is another one of those darn “tobos,” as the Marc by Marc Jacobs folks call them. For the uninitiated, a tobo is a bag that looks like it’s a hobo but has two straps like a tote, thus the adorable hybrid terminology. And what do we think about these tobos? I tend to like them, and I think I like the one we have pictured here, although I have one question about it. When did we decide that patent leather is a spring material? Because I kind of feel like it isn’t. I like this bag, and the color is so sunny, but I think that the thickness and rigidity of it make it more appropriate for cooler weather. Spring makes me want something slouchy, lightweight and soft, and all of those characteristics are the opposite of what a patent leather bag is. So color me confused. But despite its seasonal inappropriateness, I think this bag is a great deal – it’s big, the shape is great, and I’m a huge proponent of patent leather…during the correct season, that is. Buy through Nordstrom for $250.

Just this morning I was talking to my grandma and she mentioned how she noticed some dresses Megs and I used to play dress up in as kids are now back in style. As kids, Megs and I would put on dresses our mom and aunts wore to homecoming or prom. We loved the dresses back then because although they didn’t fit, we felt like we were more grown up and pretty. As I talked to my grandma she started rattling off a bunch of trends that have come back into popularity… several times. Ya, I know, our grandma is rather hip. I would have to say this is definitely the case for the Charles David Zahra Large Pleated Satchel; animal prints are always cycling themselves into the “what’s hot” list.

With this bag, he leopard print was the first thing that caught my eye. I do love animal print as much as the next person, but I am wondering if this is a little too much. And although I am not a huge fan of the shape of the satchel, I can’t get passed the amount of the leopard print. The calf hair bag is topped with croc-embossed leather and leather trim. Clearly, there is plenty of room in this bag which is kept closed with hidden magnetic closures. I am all for animal print being in style, but what do you think, is this too much? Buy through Nordstrom for $350.