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Marciano Studded SatchelI’ve decided that I need a new big handbag. There’s no particular reason why other than I simply want one. While I still love my go-to Botkier and CC Skye big bags, I am looking to expand my selection a bit. And since Megs just talked about the stud trend over on Purse Blog yesterday, I not only have big handbags, but I also have studs on my mind too.

Any chance the Marciano Studded Satchel is in the running? Actually, I am not sure. The grey leather does look deliciously soft, which I love, but the bag looks a little bulky (measures 16″ x 10″ x 6″) to be carrying with the double handles. However, the chain-link strap and triangular pyramid studs to add the right amount of edge to the bag. I am a little thrown off by the pleats. I guess I am just not seeing how they fit together with the rest of the bag. With everything going on, it just looks like the bag is trying too hard to be a hit. Hey, I could be wrong here. So… tell me, what do you think, does this bag work, or does it not? Buy through Nordstrom for $189.90.