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Sometimes I see a bag and it takes me forever to figure out what it reminds me of. Is it another bag? An inanimate object? Someone I know? It can be hard to put your finger on it when you see so many bags every day. I knew what the CC Sky Mimi Bag looked like as soon as I saw it, though: the Miu Miu Bow Bag. The handle structure is similar, and most strikingly, the way that the zipper closure folds forward to create a more streamlined satchel shape.

CC Skye Mimi Bag

The CC Skye version doesn’t have the bows, obviously, and I think it’s a very attractive bag in its own right. The leather looks matte and thick, and I was undecided about the whip-stitching at first, but it’s grown on me as I look at the bag. It’s a bit of a handmade effect without making the bag look like a craft project, which is a line that’s exceptionally hard to walk. I’m still a bit put off by its structural similarities to the Bow Bag, particularly since that’s a purse that’s been very popular, but the price of this one is making me look the other way, comparatively. Buy through Singer22 for $625.

Despite the fact that the CC Skye Bridgette Turnlock Bag reminds me very, very strongly of the iconic Chanel 2.55 Bag, I still love it. And, if the commenters on our Marc Jacobs posts are to be believed, everyone rips off Chanel anyway, so I’m not going to spend too much time fretting over it. This particular bag has a punk edge to it that you rarely see in Chanel handbags, although it has been coming through recently in their RTW and costume jewelry lines.

CC Skye Bridgette Turnlock Bag

Some people may disagree, but I LOVE love love the extra chains hanging from the strap, which would looks ultra sexy against a bare arm when carried at night with a cute little dress. And there’s just something about a black bag with a bunch of chunky silver hardware – it’s kind of industrial, a tad goth, and super fashionable in a way that doesn’t go out of style, just like the Ramones. And for that reason, it has way more personality to it than the average handbag you come across. Pre-order through Singer22 for $540.

CC Skye Ashley Python Shoulder Bag I have a few bag pet peeves – extra straps, lots of hardware, the color brown in its entirety. This one is a little more specific – I hate it when I can’t figure out if a bag is python or “python”. As in, it drives me crazy to not be able to figure out whether a bag is a real or faux exotic. Some materials are obvious based in price – croc and alligator cost thousands, no matter what. Things get a bit tricky with python, however – I’ve seen it happen for less than a grand, particularly when a line is reasonably priced to begin with. Which is why I’ve been googling around, trying to find some more information on the CC Skye Ashley Python Shoulder bag for about 20 minutes now. It’s a beautiful bag, and I can’t find it many places. One place says it’s python several times, another describes it as “snake-embossed leather”. So which is it? I’m inclined to believe the website making the most reasonable claims, particularly considering the very reasonable price tag. Either way, the bag is beautiful. Natural-colored snakeskin may be the most versatile neutral in existence (just try and think of a color it absolutely couldn’t go with) and this bag is roomy and functional while still being beautiful. So whether it’s python or “python,” it’s still pretty awesome. And get this – it’s also available in black. Buy through Singer 22 for $625.

CC Skye and boyfriend David This morning while I was running errands I couldn’t help but notice it was very much, in fact, Valentine’s Day. I saw flowers, reds, pinks, chocolate, and most importantly, I saw love. Whether it was a young couple or an old couple, some friends or an entire family, everyone seemed to appreciate each other a tad more. Speaking of appreciation, CC Skye took some time to show how much she appreciates all things related to love. Just like when I had a chance to meet CC out in LA, her answers reflect her fun, fresh and amazing outlook on life and her brand. (PS – How cute are those pictures of CC and her boyfriend? Welcome to Purse Blog, David!)

Since you’ve told us before how much you love the beach, have you ever spent a Valentine’s Day on the beach, if so, tell us about it. Yes, good idea! Beach Valentine’s Day! Why haven’t I done that yet? Picnics are the best on the beach- great idea… I’ll forward my boyfriend this article! ;) Even if you’re in cold weather, a surprise picnic on the floor of your house or apartment is super fun too!

What was your favorite Valentine’s Day gift ever? The best vals day gift I have ever received was the very 1st vals day I spent with my current boyfriend of 4 years.. We decided to stay in and he had cooked me lobster with champagne and caviar- my 3 faves.. Then he presented me with a small red basket containing all these little scrolls which he had tied himself with little red ribbons.. In opening one of the scrolls, I discovered that each one contained a memory about the past 6 mos of our relationship.. I was told to open one per day until they all were opened– it took a few months to get thru them all! They were all funny, yet romantic and so thoughtful to say the least.. I think all guys should do that one at least once. (more…)

Messenger bags – how I am so torn. Usually I am not a fan of messenger bags. For some reason I don’t really enjoy a bag crossed over my body; I feel restricted. But at the same time, I love the idea of just throwing the bag on and heading out – not worrying about making sure the purse stays on your shoulder or getting tired of carrying it in your hand. Yet, it takes a pretty spectacular messenger bag in order for me to buy it. The CC Skye Edie Downtown Chic Messenger Bag would be one I would carry. The gray leather and goldtone hardware are a perfect match. The other thing I like, this isn’t your typical messenger bag – it has personality. Messenger bags usually strike me as functional yet a tad boring. This one is functional but is in no way boring. I really like it. CC Skye has an eye for making each one of her handbags a little edgy and always chic. I think this is a hit! Buy through Singer 22 for $725.

I’ve definitely been in the holiday season clutch mood lately. Well, not just clutches, but all things that involve getting ready for the upcoming parties, events, and gatherings. The holidays are such a great excuse to flaunt your favorite outfits and handbags. I’ve been a CC Skye fan since the first bag I saw. The more I kept my eye out, the more I began to love not only her handbags, but also her accessories. I’m sure many of you have noticed countless celebs toting around her items. Here, Ashley Tisdale carried the CC Skye Silver Broken Mirror Clutch to the High School 3 Musical Premiere. I think her overall look is gorgeous. Her dress, makeup, and of course, clutch all work so well together.

As soon as I saw the clutch, I couldn’t help but think how well it would go with so many holiday outfits. And, actually, forget about the holidays for a second and switch gears to a night out on the town. This clutch would be a great accessory. In fact, you could keep the rest of your accessories fairly simple since the clutch is bound to attract so much attention. With all the broken pieces, the clutch will gather all sorts of light and help your entire look radiate. And for an unexpected flash, the clutch is lined with pink satin. CC Skye’s line is all about being hip and chic. I love it. Grab this clutch in silver or gold through Chick Downtown for $495.

I’ll be honest. It isn’t very often that I find a new(ish) designer whose line I instantly fall in love with. Yet, I have to say, this is how I feel about CC Skye. Not only does the line offer fabulous handbags, but it also has gorgeous accessories. We had the opportunity to look at some of the bags in person and they are as well crafted as their images appear. The handbags range from classic to a little more eclectic. Leaning towards the eclectic side is the CC Skye Nana Clutch. First of all, I absolutely love the color! I don’t always think I can pull off really bright colors, but this electric blue is a color I am dying to try out. Blue is already one of my favorite colors, but this blue absolutely pops. Then you add the shape and hardware accessories into the mix and you have a chic, fun and eye-turning clutch for the night. And if blue isn’t the color for you, fear not, the clutch also comes in carmel and cappuccino. Buy through CC Skye for $435.