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Messenger bags – how I am so torn. Usually I am not a fan of messenger bags. For some reason I don’t really enjoy a bag crossed over my body; I feel restricted. But at the same time, I love the idea of just throwing the bag on and heading out – not worrying about making sure the purse stays on your shoulder or getting tired of carrying it in your hand. Yet, it takes a pretty spectacular messenger bag in order for me to buy it. The CC Skye Edie Downtown Chic Messenger Bag would be one I would carry. The gray leather and goldtone hardware are a perfect match. The other thing I like, this isn’t your typical messenger bag – it has personality. Messenger bags usually strike me as functional yet a tad boring. This one is functional but is in no way boring. I really like it. CC Skye has an eye for making each one of her handbags a little edgy and always chic. I think this is a hit! Buy through Singer 22 for $725.