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Despite the fact that the CC Skye Bridgette Turnlock Bag reminds me very, very strongly of the iconic Chanel 2.55 Bag, I still love it. And, if the commenters on our Marc Jacobs posts are to be believed, everyone rips off Chanel anyway, so I’m not going to spend too much time fretting over it. This particular bag has a punk edge to it that you rarely see in Chanel handbags, although it has been coming through recently in their RTW and costume jewelry lines.

CC Skye Bridgette Turnlock Bag

Some people may disagree, but I LOVE love love the extra chains hanging from the strap, which would looks ultra sexy against a bare arm when carried at night with a cute little dress. And there’s just something about a black bag with a bunch of chunky silver hardware – it’s kind of industrial, a tad goth, and super fashionable in a way that doesn’t go out of style, just like the Ramones. And for that reason, it has way more personality to it than the average handbag you come across. Pre-order through Singer22 for $540.