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CC Skye Ashley Python Shoulder Bag I have a few bag pet peeves – extra straps, lots of hardware, the color brown in its entirety. This one is a little more specific – I hate it when I can’t figure out if a bag is python or “python”. As in, it drives me crazy to not be able to figure out whether a bag is a real or faux exotic. Some materials are obvious based in price – croc and alligator cost thousands, no matter what. Things get a bit tricky with python, however – I’ve seen it happen for less than a grand, particularly when a line is reasonably priced to begin with. Which is why I’ve been googling around, trying to find some more information on the CC Skye Ashley Python Shoulder bag for about 20 minutes now. It’s a beautiful bag, and I can’t find it many places. One place says it’s python several times, another describes it as “snake-embossed leather”. So which is it? I’m inclined to believe the website making the most reasonable claims, particularly considering the very reasonable price tag. Either way, the bag is beautiful. Natural-colored snakeskin may be the most versatile neutral in existence (just try and think of a color it absolutely couldn’t go with) and this bag is roomy and functional while still being beautiful. So whether it’s python or “python,” it’s still pretty awesome. And get this – it’s also available in black. Buy through Singer 22 for $625.