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The Many Bags of Olivia Munn

Make no mistake about it: Carolina Herrera makes clothes for grown women who have grown social schedules and grown bank accounts. If ever you had any doubts (and how could you?), Carolina Herrera Fall 2011 should more than assuage them. This wasn’t a revolutionary collection by any means, but Herrera hasn’t staked her name on being a revolutionary. She’s staked it on making luxurious clothes for women who are used to nothing less, and this collection is exactly that.

From the expertly cut coats to the furs to the ball gowns, I’m sure that this collection will appeal to its target demographic. I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed, though; I kept waiting for a true “wow” moment, which can usually be found in a collection’s last few looks if no where else, but it never came. Since Herrera’s particular brand of luxury lends itself so easily to classic, timeless gorgeousness, I can’t help but see that as a small failure for this collection. (more…)

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