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So, I realize I just wrote about a tote gone wrong. As soon as I turned around I found myself pleasantly surprised with a tote gone right, the Carlos Falchi Velours Suede East West Tote. I will start off by saying I have two issues with the handbag. The color, white, can just get dirty too easily. And suede, I am just not always good at keeping it clean. So, as you can see, those are two personal issues, but if I can learn to keep white clean and take care of a suede handbag, this would be a great choice. Carlos Falchi certainly puts together some gorgeous bags. This one has dual woven handles, a snap closure, and is lined with a dark, rich pattern. I think the dark lining is a great contrast against the soft white suede. And in true tote fashion, there is ample room for whatever your daily essentials might be. Buy through Zappos for $290.