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It takes a lot for me to like a brown bag; as a dyed-in-the-wool wearer of black, I just don’t find a whole lot of use for the color in my everyday life. When I cleaned out my stuffed-to-the-gills walk-in closet this weekend, I found exactly two pieces of brown apparel, and one was a leftover dress from my desperate attempts at outfit diversity while I still worked in the marketing office of a large resort.

Still, though, I love the Botkier Bowie Satchel so much that one is on its way to me as we speak. The shade of brown (camel, really) and lines of the bag are so perfect that I couldn’t resist. Plus, the color is light enough that I can easily pair it with my unending racks of black clothing. (more…)

Frye Carson Shoulder BagThe last time I wrote about a handbag from Frye, I criticized it pretty heavily. And I stand behind that criticism; it wasn’t a particularly awesome bag in any way. No one gets it right all the time, and I love Frye’s boots, but that bag didn’t do their brand justice.

Luckily, they’ve done a little bit better this time. The Frye Carson Shoulder Bag is much more appropriate for the brand’s aesthetic – its thick, matte leather and camel color reference Frye’s signature look much better the the slick, thin-looking leather of the last tote we talked about. The color isn’t my style, but I can admit that it’s beautiful in it’s own right and would probably work well in the wardrobes of those that have a personal style different from my own. My favorite thing about the bag, though, is that it clearly emits the urban cowboy-hipster aesthetic that has made Frye so successful in the past few years – after all, what’s the use of having a look if you don’t rock it? Buy through ShopBop for $348.