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Amanda and I have been racking our brains trying to figure out what to write about this past week. The fashion world is in a lull as preparations for fashion week are finalizing and stores are starting to shed their spring collections and bring in anticipation of fall and winter, which means that there’s little relevant stock to be discussed. That is why this week is perfect for seven days of giveaways and a little fill in the blank fun.

Animal prints will never go out of style. Some seasons a different print reigns supreme, but the idea as a whole is here to stay. Newbark not only understood this but also knew that many of us get stuck on which print to buy, which is perhaps why it designed the Newbark Animal-print Calf Hair Pouch with half leopard print and half snake print.

There’s nothing to dislike about the Yves Saint Laurent Printed Calf Hair Clutch and I won’t let you or anyone else tell me otherwise! (more…)

I’ve been raging against designers’ distasteful and poorly conceived uses of fur on bags over at PurseBlog lately, and leave it to one of the mid-priced brands to school the likes of Dior and Louboutin.

Bloomingdale’s list the material of the Furla Tate Satchel‘s top flap as pony hair, but it’s somewhat longer and more fur-like than the material usually is, so it makes me wonder if that’s accurate. Whatever it is, it’s not nearly as ugly as most of the much more expensive bags that we’ve seen adorned with similar fabrics this season. The key to using fur tastefully (if you believe fur can be used tastefully, of course) is to not let it overwhelm the bag’s structure or purpose, and Furla managed to keep things under control. (more…)

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