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Chanel Price Increase for 2017

If you want a Classic Flap or 2.55, it’ll now cost you even more

You won’t be able to buy Chanel bags online in the near future after all

The brand currently does not allow its bags to be sold online, but Céline’s new website suggests that may change

Would you pawn one of your bags for some quick cash?

The Mansur Gavriel Sun Bag takes 12 hours to construct, start to finish

Hermès’s new appointment policy at its most popular boutique is having some unintended consequences

What does a “Made in Italy” tag mean to you, exactly?

The long-anticipated deal to combine the two handbag heavyweights has finally been announced

2017 can’t get here soon enough, and with it brings the hope and promise that any new year or new beginning. The past few years have seen some interesting changes for the accessories market, both …

Post-holiday doldrums are very real, and that’s doubly true when it’s a summer holiday weekend that encourages outdoor debauchery, sunshine and lots of cheap beer. The PurseBlog team is a tad sluggish this afternoon, and …

Even for brands that have huge accessories lines dating back decades, there’s usually one bag that stands out above the others in shoppers’ minds. Hermès has the Birkin, Chanel has the Classic Flap, Louis Vuitton …

If you’re one of our readers who has marveled incredulously at the meteoric rise of Mansur Gavriel‘s simple, traditional bags, some new research may help explain the phenomenon a little more clearly. According to a …