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There are some colors that I think can be used throughout the entire year. Sure, the color might really pop during one season more than another, but none-the-less, the color works year round. Add that fabulous color to a tote-worthy bag and I am a happy camper. The Bulga Janet Studded Bag fits into this category. The coral leather is gorgeous. But, I definitely think it was a combination of how soft the leather looks and the color of the bag that really caught my eye. The gold plated hardware and studding spice up the bag nicely. Maybe it is because I live in a tropical climate, but I don’t see a problem sporting this bag now or even during the winter. This color could brighten up even the gloomiest winter day. I almost forgot to mention it, but the zipper tab is adorned with the ever so popular fringe! Whether you are about to jump onto a motorcycle or head out for cocktails, this bag could totally work. Buy through Bluefly for $263.50.