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Bulga Panache Convertible BagI have all sorts of feelings about the Bulga Panache Convertible Bag, so stick with me here for a second. My first feeling is that the leather flaps are too long and make it look sloppy. I can imagine them just flopping all over the place and making noise and getting annoying. This bag may have been more successful, were it shorter. My next thought is that maybe it’s just fine how it is. I love that it’s entirely thick, black leather – there’s me and the love of industrial things again – and that it’s a little messy and unfinished. Ok, so it’s a lot messy.

But I could see an Olsen Twin carrying it. Or at least Vanessa Hudgens. With the right sort of hipster-y, slouchy, edgy outfit, this could be the perfect bag. And then part of me thinks “Hmmm, where have I seen this, or something like this, before?” And the answer to that question is the YSL St. Tropez Tote. And it’s YSL (and not only YSL, but Tom Ford-era YSL!), so of course it was executed flawlessly. It’s a pretty decent poor-man’s alternative, though, if it’s your style. Buy through ShopBop for $795.