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Oh dear. This will never do. I cannot support this at all. The folks at Bulga somehow managed to tie-dye their De Beber Tote. I’m not sure how someone would do that to leather…or why they’d do it, really. I remember tie-dying t-shirts at summer camp when I was a kid, and it involved lots of little rubber bands, buckets of dye, and some serious abuse of those old undershirts that we were dying. I don’t know how you do that to a leather handbag, but based on the results, I don’t recommend that you try.

The Bulga De Beber Tote suffers from a serious bout of over-complication – not only does the bag have a lot going on by itself (front pockets, top handles, zippers, hardware, adornments), but the addition of the dye pattern makes it kind of hard to look at. To make the design, the leather is in all kinds of different pieces, completely breaking up any pattern the dye may have had at the beginning, and kind of missing the point of tie-dye to begin with. If the bag had been a simple, uncomplicated tote with no front pockets or zippers, they very well may have gotten away with it, in kind of a hippie chic way. As it is? Not so much. This bag, sadly, is a victim of overdesign. However, if you disagree, you can buy through Shop Bop for $720.