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Combining more than two material into one bag in any significant way is a task only for the brave, that’s for sure. In fact, combining even two different types or colors is probably a recipe for disaster in the wrong hands. It takes an impeccable design sense to pull it off with any skill and, let’s face it, even most of our favorite designers couldn’t be described as “impeccable.” There’s too much opportunity for clashing and terribleness, particularly when the combination includes three or more elements.

Bourne Gardenia Handbag

Which is why I’m so impressed with the Bourne Gardenia Handbag. This one little flap bag combines metallic leather, patent leather, and python-embossed leather all in one and surprisingly, it adds up to more than the sum of its parts. Because all three materials are neutrals when used alone, they don’t compete for attention and the metallic and patent leather are in colors that are also present in the naturally colored faux snake. The bag is rather small, which means that the combination doesn’t overwhelm and stays neutral, despite the multiple colors and textures. Buy through Nordstrom for $195.