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Bottega Veneta Buckle ToteThis is possibly the most luxurious laptop bag I’ve ever seen, even if it is slightly boring. I know that the Bottega Veneta Buckle Tote isn’t advertised as a computer bag per se, but if I’ve ever seen a designer handbag that would be more perfectly suited for that purpose, I’m having trouble recalling it now.

And by calling this a laptop bag, I don’t mean that as an insult. Far from it, in fact. This is modern society, after all, and the vast majority of women that will consider purchasing this bag will be women that worked hard to make the money that they’ll be spending. Acknowledging these women and giving them high-end options for their work bags is something that far more designers should be doing. Even if Bottega Veneta didn’t intend this bag for such utilitarian purposes, I think it would be perfect for the job. Plus, knowing of BV what I do, I bet the leather is flawless and soft and made of unicorn hides. Buy through Saks for $1850.

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