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Botkier Violet Runway HoboI like the Botkier Violet Runway Hobo, even though for some reason I feel like I shouldn’t. I’m not really sure why I feel that way, but it might be the brown strap with the metallic body of the bag. Surprisingly, despite my dual hatred for brown in general and bicolor bags in particular, I think it totally works. The small brown accents turn what could have been an enormous metallic monstrosity into a reasonable day bag by breaking it up a bit and providing a good counterpoint to the blingy nature of shiny metallic leather. I also think Botkier did a great job picking an appropriate shade of metallic for a large bag – gunmetal is the most versatile, most day-friendly metallic available, and it also goes with the greatest variety of colors and outfits. My only bit of trepidation is that this is a bit dark for a spring bag, but I know that many ladies out there aren’t as neutral-averse as I am. In fact, I’ve heard that some of you PREFER neutrals – who woulda thunk? Not I, says the girl with the purple handbag. At any rate, I think this is a real winner from a brand that’s been struggling to find its way for the past several seasons. Buy through Saks for $695.