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Now this is change I can believe in. I’ve had some questions about Monica Botkier’s sanity for a season or two, and I haven’t been sure exactly where she was trying to go with her brand. She had a big hit with the Bianca satchel that has been the brand’s signature for several seasons, and of course there was the wonderful Trigger bag before that, but I feel like she’s been looking for her next big hit for about a year. I’m not sure, but I think the James line may be the bags that Ms. Botkier needs to be putting her bets on. The line contains several bags, but because I’m me, my favorite is, naturally, the Botkier James Hobo. Because I love a hobo more than pretty much any other type of bag. And this one is great – soft-looking but still slightly shiny enough to be glam, understated pleats (two of which are really zipper pockets – and I love a zipper pocket), and a couple tassels without reminding anyone of, uh, the slightly more untoward uses of tassels. So I think it’s a winner, and just the type of back-to-basics bag that Botkier needs right about now. Buy through Nordstrom for $595.