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UGG Australia Small Shearling Leather Crossbody BagIf you are reading this and you are in the Northeast US you have just finished digging yourself out of x-number feet of snow. There is something I completely miss about snow storms like the one that just happened. I don’t miss digging my car out of the snow, but I do miss sitting inside and watching the snow fall and cover everything I can see. It is therapeutic, beautiful and serene. At the same time, I am reminded of the cozy mittens, scarves, boots and coats that I had to keep me warm. Coming across the UGG Australia Small Shearling/Leather Crossbody Bag brought back all of these memories. (more…)

Yves Saint Laurent Over The Knee BootsI can’t wear heels. I won’t get into the story of exactly why because it’s gruesome and I don’t want to ruin the next few minutes of your life, but suffice it to say, heels are not an option. Also, I can’t wear most knee-high boots because I have enormous calves, and most designers don’t embrace the big calf market. So my ability to appreciate and enjoy the new over-the-knee-boot trend is limited to merely watching from a distance, so that’s what I’m here to do: which of you girls out there have jumped the bandwagon and bought them already, and which of you plan to later?

If ever there was a pair of shoes that was worth an astronomical price tag, it’s these. The construction of a shoe that will cover that much of your leg has to be so precise and well-designed that I’m not sure how well this style will fair at retail. One of my favorite pairs so far is the Yves Saint Laurent Over-the-Knee Boots since they have a bit of stretch and will be more forgiving on more leg structures. If you can pull it off, though, I think you should absolutely go for it – maybe with some tights and a tunic for maximum boot exposure.

And what type of handbag should be worn with these boots? Probably something with a simple, clean design, although the size would be negotiable depending on whether you were rocking them during the day or night. The most important thing to remember with a shoe like this, though, is that what you’re wearing shouldn’t compete with them. So are you going to wear them once the weather turns cold? Buy through Saks for $1745.


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