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Beirn will always be a noticeable and recognizable brand to me because they use an especially unique and fresh medium for their bags; the watersnake. I’ve rarely seen a watersnake bag or accessory that is not Beirn, and this Beirn Jenna Hand-Painted Tote reaffirms the attraction that so many feel to this brand. (more…)

Berin CC Snakeskin ToteI have to say, I’ve always wanted a large exotic tote to carry around. Of course, this tote has to be constructed perfectly as to not look sloppy or like zero thought went into the bag. I’ve seen my fair share of large bags that look ok from a distance, but up close, yikes – a disaster! While I haven’t had a chance to see this particular bag in person yet, I am totally loving the Berin CC Snakeskin Tote. (more…)

Fashion's Night OutWhat is Fashion’s Night Out, you ask? Bedlam. Chaos. Hundreds of people lining up to see Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen only to be yelled at by a security guard who said that the event was closed. He also added that we, as spectators, were a fire hazard and we were all shepherded back down the escalators. That, my fellow friends and purse lovers, is the essence of Fashion’s Night Out.

Sure, the promoters say that it’s all about making shopping fun again, and that it is. But between you and me, more “shoppers” were hounding celebs and snapping up shots on their digital cameras than were forking over the plastic. I think I saw transactions taking place about three times, and one doesn’t count because my pal bought a Fashion’s Night Out tee shirt. Which, by the way, is extremely soft and comfortable.

That’s not to say that out night was a failure. Oh, it was quite the opposite. It was success, but a very different success than that which comes from receiving a good grade or finding the perfect pair of jeans. This was unexpected success- that satisfied feeling that comes after what you know has been a good, good night, even though you didn’t get the perfect shot of Victoria Beckham (I only got three pictures: one dark and two blurry). (more…)

Berin Watersnake BagA bit smaller than the famed ‘Jenna’ hobo featured in the Sex and the City movie, this Beirn Watersnake Emma Small Hobo is made of the same canvas-lined watersnake that Beirn is known for. Now, I’m normally opposed to the whole “black-and-orange” color scheme, because it really should be saved for Halloween. But here, the orange is the main color, and the black is just sort of dusted throughout the bag, which solves that problem. I’m also not usually inclined to orange bags, or to orange as a color as a matter of fact, but this bag is making me rethink that.

How often do you want a bag in a semi-bright color? What about a semi-bright color that is not some icky patent neon green, yellow, or pink? This soft orange is just what you’re looking for. Not to mention that the watersnake exterior adds texture to the color and a hint of the exotic. And the shape- well, who doesn’t need a hobo to just pour all their stuff in? Buy through Bluefly for $142.