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The Many Bags of Katy Perry

By now, I’m betting most of you have heard the new Katy Perry song. It’s called “Roar” and it came out on Monday, the same day that Lady Gaga’s new single hit the Internet, and …

The Many Bags of Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria isn’t a fashion star in the same way that some of the people we’ve profiled (like Miranda Kerr) are fashion stars, but she’s a celeb who knows exactly what she likes, has a …

Get the exotic look for under $1000 with these mini bags

Compared to fall, spring’s textures can be a bit…down-market. We love raffia and canvas as much as anyone else, but naturally, we love snakeskin and leather even more. So what’s the secret to incorporating successfully …

Y’all, it’s Fashion Week. Have we mentioned that yet? We might have. It might have come up! A lot of you guys probably don’t care, though, and even the ones who do probably still want …

By now, you know the drill. We think Fridays are the perfect day for online shopping (somehow, it’s the day that I end up doing most of mine), and because we love you guys and …

No matter your brand of choice or accessories budget, I think all bag lovers can agree: Prices are too freakin’ high. Even if you’re willing to grudgingly pay them in exchange for quality, it still stings a little bit every time, doesn’t it? Get ready for it to sting a little bit more in the near future – it’s costing brands more to source leather from Italian tanneries than ever, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

The rise in prices is impacting contemporary brands with sensitive price structures more than anyone, and if you took any economics courses in college, you know that there are only a few ways to deal with this kind of problem. Brands can cut amount or quality of leather used, increase prices or source materials from alternate locations (in this case, mostly South America.) WWD spoke to four brands who have used these tactics with varying degrees of success. Which option do you prefer for the companies that you patronize? (more…)

Be&D Kitty Studded Satchel, $1350. Be&D Gia Satchel, $975. Both via Bloomingdale’s.

What struck me the most about seeing the Be&D Studded Kitty Satchel and Be&D Gia Satchel in quick succession was how different the two bags were for being released by the same independent brand in the same season. The Kitty satchel is big and soft, almost like a really luxe weekender, while the Gia is all corners and angles and sharp edges, done up in a comparatively petite size.

But there are some details that connect the two together, most notable the gold pushlocks that will always remind me of Marc Jacobs, no matter how many other designers use them. The tendency to use neutral leathers is also a very Be&D trait, and although it doesn’t satisfy my lust for bright accessories, it does make for a very useful handbag. (more…)

With the roaring popularity of leopard print seemingly chugging into spring unabated (Givenchy, anyone?), it looks like haircalf bags are here to stay. For those of you who wince at furry things of any type, that’s too bad. For those of us who like the slick, neat look of a good haircalf bag, this development couldn’t find us any more pleased. What’s even better is that the material’s popularity for leopard bags and shoes has started to spill out into other bag inspiration, which is perhaps why we now have the option of the Be&D Genesis Satchel in super slick black pony.

Because I have a 15-year-old goth living inside of me somewhere who refuses to leave, one of my favorite cold-weather looks is layered black in lots of different textures. The look gives a whiff of badass to whomever dons it, and a bag like this is the absolute perfect way to tie up an intensely dark, brooding outfit. (more…)

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! We have another amazing holiday giveaway for you all, this time with Be&D. From the cruise 2011 collection, the Be & D Starburst in pebble colored leather caught my eye. The hobo shape is a wardrobe staple while the top handle adds the perfect touch to set this bag apart from others.

And we are giving it away! Entering is simple and winning will be the perfect sweet holiday gift.

To enter:

1. Follow both @PurseBlog and @BeandD on twitter.

2. Retweet the following

Follow/RT @PurseBlog & @BeandD to win the Be&D Starburst Hobo just in time for the holidays! http://bit.ly/f33TSO

Good luck and thank you Be&D for sponsoring this giveaway! Ends 12/15 at 11:59 EST.

After many years of carrying many different bags, I have a routine of what I transfer from bag to bag. My wallet, a pouch, and a card case among other tidbits. Card cases are an easy way to make a fun and funky purchase. I have a fuchsia pink croc case that I adore but I’m always looking for other options. Be&D has both a tiger and leopard studded card case, both of which are the perfect way to add a little accessory zing. (more…)

While the military trend has mostly seemed to stick with solid colors, Be & D and some other brands are bringing in camouflage print. And to be honest, I kind of sort of totally adore it.

Camo-print has such a negative connotation to so many people, believing it is overly masculine and as far from fashion forward as possible. But this is not the case. Camo can be cool, it just has to be done properly. Be & D does that with their Barclay Tote. (more…)

Be&D Tower of Garbo

Who: Be & D Sample Sale

What: Be&D Sample Sale. 30-75% off Handbags, Footwear and Small Accessories
Original Garbo Satchel: $895, Sample Sale: $275
Kan-Kan Portfolio: $595, Sample Sale: $200
Wristlets: $295, Sample Sale: $50

Where:: 35 West 36th Street, 10th Floor West, NYC

When: Tuesday, May 25th – Thursday, May 27th. 9am-7pm. Cash & all major credit cards accepted.