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Exotic leather are usually something to behold. Because they make a bag so expensive, most consumers want their snake, lizard or croc front and center where they can see it, and in order to justify the inflated prices, designers are usually more than happy to oblige. When even a bit of an exotic trim can raise a bag’s price by hundreds of dollars, they better be.

Which is why I can’t really understand what happened with the Fendi Mini Snakeskin Beaded Peekaboo. According to the bag’s description, the exterior body is made entirely of snakeskin…and then beaded over the top with beads of the same color. Only a little or the exotic peeks out around the trim, and the texture on the interior is embossed. Say what? (more…)

How do you feel about bead work on a handbag? Unfortunately for me, bead work seems to be very hit or miss. There are some bags where the bead work is exquisite and I want nothing more than to find a reason, any reason to carry that particular bag. Then there are other times when I simply don’t understand why a designer would settle for misplaced or thoughtlessly placed beads. This kind of “detail” can take any relatively decent bag and make it absolutely fugly. So, here I am, on this gloomy Tuesday wondering where this particular Rafe bag falls. (more…)

It surprises me that none of us PurseBloggers have written about the Feed 2 Kenya Feed Bag in some capacity yet – if a purse can do good, and buying it can help people and also give us warm fuzzies, then isn’t that a de facto awesome bag? I kind of think so.

Not only is this bag made in Kenya by local women, but the purchase of a single bag would feed two Kenyan children for an entire year. Plus, it’s pretty cute, way more luxurious than it appears to be at first look, and totally functional. (more…)

Herve Leger Crystal Clutch

Ever find yourself hearing about something that is ostensibly new, and then you have to go searching through the dark recesses of your brain, trying to figure out if you already knew about it? Maybe you just forgot? That’s the feeling that I get about the apparent new that Herve Leger bag line. Did I know about this already? The more I think about it, the more it sounds vaguely familiar, but I’m not sure. I’m also not sure how I feel about the Herve Leger Crystal Clutch. (more…)

Any time I see a bag like this from Fendi, I always get nostalgic for the early aughts and Sex and the City. Back then, baguettes ruled the handbag world and those four girls always had someplace to carry a sparkly, beaded, obnoxious bag (not to mention something fabulous with which to wear it). And despite the fact that I love the reminder of that period of time, I think that’s my chief criticism of the Fendi Beaded Clutch.

Fendi Beaded Clutch

It feels just like Sex and the City did, which is to say it doesn’t feel new. Fendi, as a brand, seems to be stuck circa 1999 in their accessories department, and although the baguettes are an important part of handbag history, I wish they’d innovate a little more. The Spy bag was great, of course, and a lot of people liked the B-Bag, but if you’re only producing two popular handbags per decade, you need to get with the program. As a brand, they’ve got such amazing resources and possibilities, I’m not sure why they’re still living in the past. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2140.


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