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While the military trend has mostly seemed to stick with solid colors, Be & D and some other brands are bringing in camouflage print. And to be honest, I kind of sort of totally adore it.

Camo-print has such a negative connotation to so many people, believing it is overly masculine and as far from fashion forward as possible. But this is not the case. Camo can be cool, it just has to be done properly. Be & D does that with their Barclay Tote. (more…)

Be&D Bowery Leather Satchel Without knowing for sure, I am guessing the Be&D Bowery Leather Satchel is in fact named after Bowery which is a street and small neighborhood in the southern part of NYC. I am sure Be and or Steve will confirm. The reason I can 100% tell you that this bag is awesome is because of the leather. The leather on Be&D bags is beyond supple. It is so soft that you will find my oddly caressing my Be&D bag from time to time. Odd but you will see what I mean when you touch their leather.

Be&D is all about the studs, but it is a welcome treat to see a studless bag from them. The Bowery Satchel has a downtown cool feel, most likely the feeling associated with the Bowery District. The front zip pocket is perfect for easy access and there is a magnetic snap closure there. The chain shoulder strap brings a nice touch alongside the double handles. I know this handbag is simple, but sometimes simple is what we all need. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $665.