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Jack Spade Coal Tote Featured

Now that the calendar has officially rolled over into August, young men and women across the country are preparing to head off to college, either for the first time or as season university professionals. Either …

I just cringed and for once, it had nothing to do with a handbag I was about to write about. As I was perusing the many webpages that I consider my “must views” for the morning, I came across a banner that made me cringe. The banner was advertising back-to-school sales. And while I’ve been out of school for quite some time now, seeing back-to-school mentioned still brings up feelings of sadness. I remember when I was a younger loving and how much Megs and I would look forward to the summer months. We’d run, play and stay up waaay past our normal bed-time. Yet, we both kept our eye out for the infamous back-to-school advertisements.

Kate Spade Westburry Mini Brennan Crossbody Bag

So, before I spiral out of control, I figured this time, I would try and change my outlook a bit. Let’s think of the positives when it comes to going back to school – FASHION! Back-to-school almost always means new clothes, shoes and bags. Now, while I wasn’t one of the girls who carried designer bags to class, I found one I think might be perfect. The Kate Spade Westbury Mini Brennan Crossbody Bag would definitely boost just about any girls’ back-to-school blues. While you won’t be able to fit all your books and notebooks, you can definitely store some of your supplies. Pebbled leather (white, pink or black), an adjustable strap, gold-tone hardware, several pockets and great lining are just some of the great features of the bag. I love the practicality and accessibility of the bag too. And hey, even if you aren’t going back to school, this is one bag that just about anyone could find use for. Buy through Bloomingdales for $195.