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I’ve been on a casual search for the perfect baby bag for the past few months, despite the fact that I don’t have any babies and I don’t anticipate having any for quite a while (and possibly ever). I’m not sure why this particular segment of the market has me so curious, except for the fact that it seems like it has only recently been recognized by many designers.

After dozens of baby bags and enough paisley print to make me a little swimmy in the head, I finally found a diaper bag that speaks to me. No surprises here: the all-black Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Eliz-a-Baby Nylon Bag is what I’d reach for if I found myself in a family way. (more…)

From time to time around these parts, we tackle the somewhat tricky issue of diaper bags – do you go for a pattern or a solid? Leather or nylon? High-end or practical? The same one no matter what you’re wearing or several different ones to coordinate with your outfits? As I always feel compelled to mention in these posts, I’m single and without children, so I’ve never had to make these decisions for myself, which makes your input in the comments all the more important.

If I was looking to spend a little money on a fun diaper bag right now, though, the Kate Spade Union Square Stevie Baby Bag would be a strong contender – it’s patterned to hide wear but not too girly, and animal prints (particularly those involving black) look right at home in my wardrobe. (more…)

The popularity of striped, bright baby bags still continues to slightly baffle me, just as it did the last time I wrote about one. My questions still stand: doesn’t the pattern make it hard to incorporate into most outfits? Wouldn’t new moms feel a bit more like themselves if they were carrying a bag that looked like something they’d normally carry, rather than a bag that screams OMG DIAPERS?

Having not had a child myself, I suppose I just can’t understand. Despite that, I think that the Kate Spade Jubilee Stripe Stevie Baby Bag may be a happy medium from what I would conceptualize as a stylish bag and the busy paisley patterns that many moms seem to choose. (more…)

As you can imagine, the Rebecca Minkoff Leopard Baby Bag inspires a multitude of questions. Chief among them, however, is one that has been at the back of my mind since I started writing for this blog: why are baby bags so often patterned?

My status as a childless woman probably means that there are a few finer points to baby bag choice that I don’t entirely understand, but as best as I can surmise, a pattern provides two possible conveniences: first, some types of pattern hide wear pretty well. Second, the prissy pink paisleys that usually characterize baby bags announce to the world that the owner does, in fact, have a child. Although I think that they baby they’re likely also carrying should be enough to make that clear. (more…)

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