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B Makowsky Perforated HoboI’ve never give much thought to perforated leather, to be honest. It’s out there, but it’s not super common, and I usually keep moving right past it when I see it. There are times when I’ve made a positive post about a bag with perforations, but looking back, it’s been the exception instead of the rule. But I took one look at the B. Makowsky Perforated Hobo and it crystallized all of my thoughts on the subject – I don’t like it at all.

When I look at this bag, I think “basketball jersey.” And when I try to come up with a different thought about it, I have a hard time doing so because the resemblance is so striking. It would indeed be a cute bag to take to a sporting event to go along with whatever team jersey you were sporting, but beyond that, I think the look is a bit too athletic to be worn with a regular outfit. Or maybe I’m just too pathetically out of shape to be amenable to anything that reminds me of physical activity. Buy through Nordstrom for $258.

B. Makowsky Belted Multicolor ToteCorrect me if I’m wrong, but does this particular bag look really high-end and sophisticated to anyone else? Maybe I’m going nuts, but I think B. Makowsky may have really outdone themselves with the Belted Multicolor Tote.

It’s lines are clean, it’s hardware is chunky and shiny, and the colors are muted and well-coordinated. The bag has almost a nautical feeling to it, and combined with the light, muted colors, it would be a perfect spring and summer weekend tote. I like the grey-brown on top so much that I’d actually consider buying the tote if it were made only out of that color, and liking any sort of neutral is really out-of-character for me. They’ve got me intrigued, though, and I’m actually a bit surprised. This brand usually has fabulous, soft leather, but they’re not known for their overall design aesthetic. If this is any indication, keep an eye on them in the future. Buy through Nordstrom for $268.

B. Makowsky Metal Edge Pleated HoboI’ve grown accustom to handbags with unique names. You know, names after people, places, inspiration, etc. So, it does come as a bit of a surprise to find a handbag that does nothing but name the designer and give a bit of a description of the bag. I am not saying there is anything wrong with this, I am just not used to it. This being the case, I almost skimmed right past the B. Makowsky Metal Edge Pleated Hobo.

I am very glad I didn’t. It was the lush purple leather that drew me in. The goldtone hardware frames this handbag perfectly – a little here, a little there, magnifique! Purple is definite a color worth noticing and so is this bag. I actually have taken quite a liking to the curved seams, folding and pleating. Sure, that combination could be disastrous, but in this case, it makes perfect sense. And for a little extra fun, the bag is lined with leopard lining. Ferocious! Buy through Nordstom for $268.

B. Makowsky Soft Piped ShopperYou guys…I don’t even think you’re going to be surprised when I tell you what I like about this bag. Because it’s so stinkin’ obvious, this post is practically writing itself. The B. Makowsky Soft Piped Shopper comes in an absolutely beautiful color called “laguna” that I MUST have. It’s so bright and fresh, with just enough of a green undertone. Not only that, but the shape is cute and different, although the handle attachments remind me of a Dolce & Gabbana bag that I reviewed recently. That’s not a bad thing, though. They were cute for $2000, and they’re even cuter for $200. Well, $298, but still, extremely reasonable. Plus it’s lined in leopard print, and every purse fanatic out there loves a fun lining. For anyone that hasn’t touched a B. Makowsky bag in person, I’d recommend doing it next time you find yourself in Nordstrom – all the ones I’ve picked up have been exceptionally soft, particularly for the price they’re asking. Soft leather + great color + cute lining + low price = perfect summer bag. Buy through Nordstrom for $298.