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I love the shape of this hobo. In fact, I’ve been in love with this shape ever since I fell head over heels for the Bird Handbags Lady Bag. Megs has one and let’s just say, I’d be quite a happy camper if I had one of my own. I had a chance to borrow that bag before and it is perfect. It fits perfectly on your shoulder while never looking frumpy. So, when I came across this B-low the Belt Rocking Nita Studded Leather Hobo, I took note. (more…)

B low the Belt Sonia Braided HoboEvery bag has its purpose. Some are for fabulous events, some are to compliment the perfect outfit and stay in the background, some are to make a fashion statement when what you’re wearing is simple, and some are just reasonably fashionable ways to cart your stuff from point A to point B.

As best as I can tell, the B-low the Belt Sonia Braided Hobo is a strong contender for the last category. And there’s nothing wrong with that – like I said, it takes all kinds. (more…)

B-Low the Belt Leather HoboI’m just on the edge about this one. It just seems unoriginal. Even the name, the B-Low The Belt Leather Hobo, sounds unoriginal. No, scratch that. The bag is unoriginal.

But that doesn’t mean that it has no use. Rather, it’s a bag that I think would get a lot of use, but it’s not the bag you’d grab when you want to look super cute and unique. It’s a bag that you’d fish out of the closet on those days when you feel like you need to carry everything and more- and face it, we all have those days (seriously, sometimes it’s necessary to carry three pens, a planner, a notepad, a water bottle;). So it’s more of a bag you’d need, especially if you tend to carry tons of items all the time, than a bag you’d really, really want, like a special Hermes or a bejeweled clutch. (more…)

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