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Unless you live and party in the most fashion-forward part of a very fashionable city, it’s likely that you see a lot of very similar outfits when you go out at night. Heavy reliance on little black dresses and little black clutches is a rut into which we all fall from time to time, particularly in the awkward season-changing parts of the year when we’re sick of all of our warm-weather clothes but cold-weather dressing hasn’t quite arrived yet. But don’t forget, ladies, you have options. (more…)

Like fringe and studs, chain detailing is another trend that’s losing steam fast. It’s more likely to stay around than the other two because of the functional natural of chain straps, but chain as a design element can get a little boring. Until now, that is.

The Antik Batik Anka 1 Shoulder Bag puts fine-gage chain to creative use with an incredibly intricate chain-covered flap that goes a long way toward jazzing up what might be a boring suede hobo otherwise. If more designers were this creative with how they implemented trends (even slightly stale ones), my job would be a whole lot easier. (more…)

As PurseBlog’s resident proponent of the bohemian style, I feel it’s my duty to introduce yet another Antik Batik style to you readers. This Antik Batik Ciena Big Bag is quintessentially boho, but manages to be rather un-messy and simple as far as the style goes. That’s quite a feat, no? Let’s take a look.

The bag is an easy messenger shape, if slightly rounded and loose. And, gasp, it lacks the ubiquitous fringing and beading and embroidery that one might find easily on a more traditional boho bag, like, oh, anything by JADETribe. Here, there’s not an ethnic print to be found. (more…)

To loosely paraphrase Flannery O’Conner, a good minibag is hard to find. The marketplace is overflowing with them at the moment, and finding one of these diminutive bags with just the right combination of color, texture and functionality is a task that I’ve found thus far to be insurmountable. At this size, every detail has to be perfect.

So, does the Antik Batik Havana Minibag pass the test? Maybe so. The more I look at it, the more interested I become, and the more I think about buying it. Help me decide. (more…)

I like all this fringe, I mean, I really like it! I’ve recently found myself being very over fringe. The fringe wave, in my book has seen its peak and is slowly making its exit. However, if bags like the Antik Batik Bongo Fringed Leather Bag continue to pop up, I might actually hope fringe sticks around a bit longer. (more…)

Having been on vacation for the last week, I did what I always like to do while on vacation abroad. That is, gather fashion inspiration from wherever I may have gone. And this time, the things I noticed in Prague were: tons of tourists wearing unoriginal touristy garb, lots of worn, vintage-looking dresses, flat gladiator sandals, and cotton tee-shirts and scarves with cotton fringe and plastic beads on the end. And surprisingly, I noticed a lot of bags with beading too-both plastic, metal, and crystal. (more…)

Before I started working for Team Purse Blog (we should get some t-shirts made, shouldn’t we) there were several designers I hadn’t heard about. Antik Batik is a good example of this. And now that I look back, we’ve covered quite a few bags from this designer and per usual there are some I like more than others. But hey, isn’t that always the case? (more…)

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