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Yikes! This looks like a handbag that went terribly, terribly wrong. I mean, maybe hundreds of years ago a pouch like this would have been considered gorgeous and desirable, but I can’t think of a single place I would ever tote this Antik Batik Eryx Pouch. And actually come to think of it, the only time in my entire life I might have been interested in the handbag was when I was really young and played dress up. You know, the kind of dress up where you put on just about as many bracelets and necklaces as you can; the gaudy kind of dress up. I am just not a fan of this purple velvet pouch nor any of its beading or faceted stone detailing. More than anything, I am still at a loss for who this bag is geared towards, what kind of audience is the designer trying to reach? Well, if you disagree with me, you can buy this handbag through Shop Bop for $125.