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Even though they seem to have been on hiatus for a little while, convertible bags still pretty much rock my world. And even though I’m usually one for patterned, slouchy bags, this Alexis Hudson Bijou Shoulder Bag is a perfect choice for those times when a sleeker bag is needed. Plus, the champagne color all but ensures an air of fancy sophistication.

But back to the convertible factor. This Alexis Hudson is three in one: wear it as you see it here, or remove the clutch and wear either the shoulder bag or the clutch by itself. This alone creates an abundance of wardrobe possibilities to accompany the bag, not to mention that it’s a super choice for day to night. (more…)

Oh la la! Or should I say Oh Lou Lou!?! Ok, bad joke, but hey, that’s what you get sometimes. Just like any season, there are certain colors that seem to be staples. When it comes to the Fall I embrace the rich, dark browns, oranges and yellows. Yet at the same time, I love being able to add a warm splash of color that is a bit different than what you might expect. This Alexis Hudson Lou Lou Clutch is just the combination of color that I am talking about. (more…)

Alexis Hudson Venus ClutchValentine’s Day will be here before you know it. Today, Rachelle Copeland of Alexis Hudson talks sheds some light about love and Valentine’s Day.

Dinner or a movie? Which would be your pick for Valentine’s Day and why? Definitely dinner, at a movie there is no conversation.

Any bad Valentine’s Day moments you’d like t share? No, I am happy to say I cannot recall any bad Valentine’s day moments -this may be because I have unconsciously blocked them out. The years I did not have a boyfriend I would go out with my girlfriends and we would have a fabulous time! Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate with people you love. I believe friendships are just as important to celebrate! (more…)

Alexis Hudson continues to put out great handbags. We’ve covered Alexis Hudson before and if you are keeping up with the 12 Days of Handbag Giveaway we are doing over at Purse Blog, you know that yesterday there was an Alexis Hudson bag up for grabs. Yet, if you didn’t win, no worries, there are plenty of bags to choose from and several of them can be found over at stefaniBags. The Alexis Hudson Grand Bastille bag is one that isn’t just practical, but it is a little different. If you are anything like me, you enjoy carrying a handbag that offers a different look than most bags you see day to day. The great thing about this black leather bag is that it can be carried in hand or on your shoulder, all depending on your mood. Just as you might like to tote it around during the day, it would also be a great addition to your outfit for a night out. Well, it might be a tad too big for a night out at a crowded bar, but it is all about your comfort. Buy through stefaniBags for $495.

So, day 1 of the 12 Days of Handbag Giveaway has come and gone. Luxaholics will be compiling yesterday’s entries and we can’t wait to announce the winner. But fear not friends, there are several more days of handbag fun to come. In fact, today, we are thrilled to announce we aren’t giving away just one handbag but today’s lucky winner will win two handbags! (more…)

Ok, so I just wrote about something fairly practical and functional. Now, I want to go a different route and have a little more fun, with a cool and funky clutch. The Alexis Hudson Santorini Ombre Envelope Clutch is fabulous and I want it. It is as simple as that. The look, the color, the hardware, it just all goes together really well. And one of my favorite things about this handbag isn’t necessarily about the handbag but actually about how versatile I think it is. I love when you can find a funky clutch that can be used with so many outfits, for so many occasions, and throughout so many seasons. In fact, while out in LA this week, I had the pleasure of meeting with Emily from Alexis Hudson. Just like this clutch, she was fabulous. I’ll bring you more information about Alexis Hudson in the weeks to come, but I’ll tell you this much: you’ll love it! Add this clutch to your collection through Singer22 for $198.

Update! The Alexis Hudson promotion has just been revised… to your advantage. You are now able to receive 40% off and the promotion has been extended to Tuesday, November 25th! What a great opportunity to start some holiday shopping or snag something for yourself!

It’s true, we have another amazing offer for all you Purse Bloggers out there. Starting today, Alexis Hudson handbags has a special promotion available. You might be familiar with Alexis Hudson as the handbags seem to be popping up all over the place. Just a little while ago, over on Purse Blog Savvy, I wrote about the Alexis Hudson St. Germaine Hobo which is still a handbag I would love to see hanging in my closet.

So here is the deal. This two week online promotion starts today, Thursday November 6th and will end Thursday November 20th. After you select the Alexis Hudson handbags you’d like for yourself or to give to others and are ready to check out, simply enter the following discount code: PURSEBLOG. There are plenty of gorgeous handbags to choose from AND you will receive 25% 40% off. You simply can’t go wrong!

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Hobos can be a staple in someone’s life. For everyday use, I find myself either carrying around a tote or a hobo. I don’t know about you, but I am the kind of person that has a few essential items that must be in my handbag during the day. So, I need room to store my things without the bag becoming too burdensome. The Alexis Hudson St. Germaine Hobo reminds me of what I think of when the term hobo comes to mind. If you read Purse Blog, you will know we have covered plenty of different hobos in the past. But, I have to say, this is one bag I find to be classic, timeless and functional. The Alexis Hudson line is one that prides itself on handbags which will stand the test of time. I think they hit the nail on the head with this bag. The black leather is pleated along the front and back of the bag which adds a hint of definition and texture to the otherwise fairly simple bag. Then, the few pieces of goldtone hardware definitely make the bag look chic. For the most part, I am almost always a fan of black leather which is accentuated with goldtone hardware. Buy through Bluefly for $303.45.