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Alexander Wang Donna HoboI’ll freely admit that the Alexander Wang Donna Hobo is the type of bag that I profess to not like. It’s got a long strap and they probably want you to wear it across your body, meaning it will do that weird squishy boob thing to anyone over an A cup, and it’ll look weird and maybe awkward worn from one shoulder, and I should be telling you all how much you shouldn’t be buying this bag right now. But…I like it! And I have no idea why! I’ve been staring at it for 20 minutes, and I still can’t figure out exactly what it is that’s tipping things the other way for me. Maybe it’s that this bag feels more authentic – it’s not just TRYING for a punk and biker look, but it’s actually achieving it, and in a way that looks high end. Wang’s bags have gained popularity quickly among the more fashion-forward members of Young Hollywood, and I could totally see an Olsen Twin schlepping around the Donna Hobo, looking slovenly and smoking a cigarette. And that’s the kind of girl that this is made for – the ones with the messed up hair and the weird taste in music that know more about fashion than most of us can ever hope to, although they may not show it on the surface. So maybe that’s the reason I’m digging this bag, and this line in general – it feels like something only the cool kids know about. Buy through Shop Bop for $795.