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Adriana Castro Eva Clutch

Posts on Sex and the City will begin to take over every fashion website’s screen. Luckily almost every single one of us is giddy like a kid on her birthday waiting to hear and see more about the fabulous foursome.

The latest exotic bag to be seen in the hands of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw, is the Adriana Castro Python Eva Clutch. This clutch is from the Resort 2010 line and is a tri-colored mix of purple, azalea, and royal blue. (more…)

Fashion's Night OutWhat is Fashion’s Night Out, you ask? Bedlam. Chaos. Hundreds of people lining up to see Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen only to be yelled at by a security guard who said that the event was closed. He also added that we, as spectators, were a fire hazard and we were all shepherded back down the escalators. That, my fellow friends and purse lovers, is the essence of Fashion’s Night Out.

Sure, the promoters say that it’s all about making shopping fun again, and that it is. But between you and me, more “shoppers” were hounding celebs and snapping up shots on their digital cameras than were forking over the plastic. I think I saw transactions taking place about three times, and one doesn’t count because my pal bought a Fashion’s Night Out tee shirt. Which, by the way, is extremely soft and comfortable.

That’s not to say that out night was a failure. Oh, it was quite the opposite. It was success, but a very different success than that which comes from receiving a good grade or finding the perfect pair of jeans. This was unexpected success- that satisfied feeling that comes after what you know has been a good, good night, even though you didn’t get the perfect shot of Victoria Beckham (I only got three pictures: one dark and two blurry). (more…)

Celebs Love Adriana Castro

Recently, we had the most amazing giveaway with Adriana Castro. Each bag was specifically designed by all of your votes, which made for the most amazing giveaway. We have been loving Adriana Castro the designer and person for quite some time now and it seems the celebrities are loving her handbags as well. In the past few weeks, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Eva Longoria, and Jennifer Lopez have been spotted doting Adriana Castro bags.

Who is carrying What:
– Khloe Kardashian loves her Python/Croc Vibora Clutch in Natural/Blue
– Kourtney Kardashian carried the ultra popular Modish Clutch
Eva Longoria sported the cute Lizard Small Annie Clutch
– The comfy yet chic Meissa Python Hobo in Natural looked perfect on Jennifer Lopez

Shop Adriana Castro online and check our sister site, Bag That Style, for more detailed information and images!

Adriana Castro PA at Henri Bendel

Yet again, another lucky day for all of you in the NYC area. Wednesday, April 29th head on over to Henri Bendel to meet the amazing Adriana Castro and enjoy a fabulous trunk show! Adriana will be there to greet customers and also to help customers custom make their bags. You can choose from signature styles, colors, skins; crocodile, lizard, python to name a few skins…and finishes; glazed, matte, metallic, stone wash…

And of course, if you can attend, make sure to come back and tell us all about it!

Adriana CastroWhat is your favorite thing about Valentines Day? I love to celebrate a day that is filled with love. It is a day that should be about the person you love, not about what you can give or receive. It is a time when people who normally have trouble expressing their feelings may find it a bit easier to communicate. I love to celebrate being in love.

What is your least favorite thing about Valentines Day? I often think about the people who do not have a significant other, and how they would be spending the day. I do feel that it gives everyone the opportunity to reach out to everyone we love, not just our mate. I also do not like all of the commercialization that comes with the Holiday.

What is your dream Valentines Day like? My dream Valentines Day would involve spending a FULL day with my husband. I would plan a schedule of things that we love to do together and make sure we only have time for each other; turn off the outside world for a day! (more…)

We have some news from Adriana Castro that we would love to share with you all! As of today, Henri Bendel NY is carrying the Adriana Castro collection. Also, Adriana Castro is doing a Trunk Show and PA today at Henri Bendel. We would love to be there, but are not going to make it today. Hopefully some of you in NYC can stop by and say hello, meet the fabulous Adriana Castro, and see her bags in person!

What? Adriana Castro Trunk Show and PA
Where? Henri Bendel – 712 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor. New York City
When? Friday, December 5th 10am – 7pm

Don’t forget to sign up for the last days of our Adriana Castro giveaway! SIGN UP HERE

Adriana Castro Modish Clutch

One of our new favorite designers here, who lives just down the street, is Adriana Castro. We recently reviewed her Vibora clutch and you all loved it. And while I loved that clutch, there is a different clutch from this Colombian beauty that I adore even more, the Adriana Castro Modish Clutch. Now this is divine! And while there is a gold and black version, the natural unbleached version 100% has my vote. This clutch is designed with Caiman fuscus crocodile, from her own crocodile farm in Colombia. But the love that I have for this clutch is the sleek modern look and the natural feel. Actually, this is one of those clutches that I don’t have much to say about, not because I can’t think of it, but the only thing that comes to mind is love. The inside has an open pocket and suede lining. Dimensions are perfect to be handheld, and wide enough to give you ample carrying space, 8″H x 16″W x 2″D. So here I sit, quite close to where this young talented designer lives, and I am wondering if I can find a way into her showroom and nab one of these beauties. This is one of those situations where I say ‘buy it because I said so’, kind of like a mom would tell a kid, so just believe me. Buy through Adriana Castro for $1595.

I have a new go to designer for luscious exotic handbags. She is not a huge secret, but she has been my little secret for the past few weeks. Her designs are elegant and simple, her bags speak for themselves, and the prices not as nerve wracking as many exotic handbags. Oh yea, and she is a beautiful designer who lives down the street from Vlad and I. And one last reason we adore her is that she went to a Big 10 school, and that means we are part of a comradery, just not on game day. (more…)

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