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Day 11 – The Row Lizard Shoulder Bag

Bag 11 of #stayhomewithbags is a bag many of you may not know : my The Row Lizard Shoulder Bag. The brand makes top notch bags that fly under the radar (aside from its backback which was a huge success). —
I own so many easily recognizable shapes/brands, that having something different feels special. I love the structured shape this bag offers and the color is just the right hue of yellow to make you feel happy while still able to work with majority of outfits. The shoulder strap is removable (though it’s a bit hard to get in and out). —
Writing about bags for a living means I should have a wide variety of bags and brands, and though I don’t carry this bag often and sometimes forget I own it, I’m always asked about it when I do. Hope you’re all safe!

Day 10 – Chanel Boy Bag

Bag 10 of #stayhomewithbags is my Chanel Boy Bag! This bag is from PreFall 13 and it’s a sueded calf leather. This material gives the coolest effect, but there’s a problem: it leaves the bag much more fragile and susceptible to picking up color and showing wear (check photo 2, I had denim color transfer!!). — That’s an important point to bring up when you’re shopping for bags – think of the material and how usable it will be for your life. While beautiful (truly, I think this bag is a stunner), I’m wary to carry it and ruin it more. —
That aside, I’m a huge Boy Bag fan, I actually much prefer it over the Classic Flap. The vibe is far more laid back and casual while retaining every bit of that Chanel vibe I crave. There are multiple sizes (this is old medium) and an array of colors and materials, so you can easily find one that your heart desires!

Day 9 – Hermès Birkin 30cm Blue Jean

Bag 9: Hello, gorgeous! In stories I share what I actually felt like when I bought my first Hermès Birkin. When we started our site, I could only dream of getting a Birkin and the fact that it happened so soon after we started our business was insane to me. I knew I wanted Blue Jean and I know palladium hardware. Just zoom on this picture, the Togo leather is so beautiful you want to touch it. This bag is pristine because I don’t carry her much at all. I’m really a size 35 Birkin girl, and this one being a 30cm is just too small for my frame and needs. Head to stories to hear more! Share your Birkins with me and use the hashtag #stayhomewithbags. Stay safe everyone!

Day 8 – Balenciaga City

Day 8 of #stayhomewithbags and this one is a modern classic: my giant anthracite Balenciaga city with rose gold hardware. These bags developed a cult following and specific colors and years became highly sought after (think bubble gum and green apple). While my version wasn’t one of those, it’s a classic bag perfect for the more laid back wearer. I’m a jeans and tee kinda gal, and this bag pairs ideally with my style. The leather is delicious (yes you can have delicious leather!) as it both looks and feels divine. While the City bag has lost some of its initial craze, it’s still a bag that fits well into any collection. Shop your closet and show me your BBags!!

Day 7 – Fendi Peekaboo

Bag 7 of #stayhomewithbags is here and it’s my beloved Fendi Peekaboo! This bag is a workhorse, but one that’s beautiful and refined. The design is iconic, the leather is superb, the overall aesthetic is timeless yet wearable. There’s a stiff center partition that separates the bag into two compartments which makes it great for daily use. I always use the optional shoulder strap. And this color…. SWOON. It’s this dreamy blue/green/grey that is probably my favorite hue on a bag I own. Per usual, more in stories right now! Share your #FendiPeekaboo bags with me 💙

Day 6 – Coach Rogue Bags

Day 6: Featuring my 2 Coach Rogue bags, which are sadly discontinued. @stuartvevers reinvigorated the brand, giving the classic American vibe a new twist. The Rogue is the cool workhorse every collection needs as it was offered in a variety of sizes. The interior features a zip center compartment and two open areas for ample storage and organization. I started my collection in my young teenage years with a Coach bag and I’ll be a Coach girl for life. Anyone else miss the Rogue? #stayhomewithbags

Day 5 – Cèline Luggage Tote

Bag 5 is this stunner. Many bag lovers own a Cèline Luggage Tote but I’ll be bold and say this color might be the best ever produced! This cobalt blue beauty is eye catching on an instant classic bag. Though after it hit big I found the bag to be played out, when Phoebe Philo left the brand, #oldceline became coveted and new again. Show me your Luggage Totes! Use #stayhomewithbags for me to see 💙

Day 4 – Givenchy Antigona

Bag 4: my pink Givenchy Antigona! This bag is a staple, a beloved classic that has become a go-to for so many and their collections. Pink isn’t really my color or an easy daily carry, but it makes the bag look light and pretty. Won’t lie, the new Antigona Soft bags have my attention greatly – can’t wait to get my hands on one! Show me your Antigonas, I know you have them. Use #stayhomewithbags so I can check them out. Stay safe everyone! And per usual, more in stories 🤗

Day 3 – Prada Nylon Backpack

Day 3 and bag 3 is one of my most used bags in the last year! Today for #stayhomewithbags I show you one of my workhorses, my Prada Nylon Backback that became my diaper bag after having Vaughn. — This bag was a gift to Vlad a couple years ago from @prada but when we settled on the name Vaughn for our little guy, I knew this bag was the one. It’s lightweight, easy to clean, and incredibly practical and usable. I use the main compartment for all things baby: diapers, wipes, changes of clothes, toys, etc. The exterior small zip compartment was “mine” and there were two long side pockets which could fit a bottle as well as a zip top on the flap for additional small items. — Prada was my first premiere designer love and will always be one of my favorite brands. I can’t speak highly enough about Prada nylon, especially at a time like this when ease of cleaning is especially important. Also, if you want a bag personalized like this, Prada still offers the option on the men’s side with letters to personalize backpacks, luggage, etc.

Day 2 – Gucci Horsebit Hobo

Day 2 of #stayhomewithbags us a double whammy as it’s #throwbagthursday as well! Dug deep to find this @gucci Horsebit Hobo, arguably one of the bags that started it all for me. Year was 2005 and @jessicasimpson had multiple versions of this bag and I became obsessed. — Funnily enough, my dad bought this bag for my mom with my guidance on a work trip to NYC. Unluckily for her it was too heavy and gave her frozen shoulder. Luckily for me, I took it and made it mine. The horsebit is back big for @gucci so sharing this bag now is super timely! — Stay home, dig deep into your closets, and tell me what bags you rediscover. Use #stayhomewithbags so I can check yours out!

Day 1 – Louis Vuitton Multicolor Speedy 35

I never post myself on stories, but if you check out stories that’s changed – I’m all up in stories. I’m taking this time to #shopmycloset and rediscover bags that I own from years past. Starting this off with my Louis Vuitton Multicolor Speedy 35! I bought this bag in 2008. She’s a beauty and high sought after and I’m afraid to carry her because man, she’ll get ruined easily. Share your bags that you rediscover and use #stayhomewithbags so I can see what you have 🤗. I’ll be sharing daily!