Let’s get one thing cleared up before we begin: if the whole Marc Jacobs/Chanel “resemblance” issue over the past several years makes you have a rage blackout, this might not be the post (or the bag) for you. If the appropriation of quilted leather and chains strikes you as more of a winking homage than an out-and-out ripoff, then keep reading. Either way, if you get to the end of this post and are feeling a little stabby, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

For those of you that dig Jacobs’ Chanel-reminiscent handbags, the news that he’s now making the ever-popular “The Single” minibag in not-so-mini sizes is probably welcome news. One of those new bags is the Marc Jacobs The XL Quilting Shoulder Bag, and as the name would imply, it’s supersized for ease of day-to-day use. Oh, another thing to point out: it costs a couple of grand less than a Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap.

For a moment, I thought about turning this into a “Look for Less if You Want to Spend an Amount of Money That Is Merely Asinine Instead of Completely Outrageous” post, but that title seems overly verbose, don’t you think? So instead, let’s try and evaluate this bag on its own merits, which are considerable.

First, it has something that all the Chanel chain-strap bags lack: a leather inset on the handle that helps the bag not dig into your skin or slip off of your shoulder. I’ve found that a flat piece of leather is easily the most convenient and comfortable way to carry a bag, and although it breaks up the line of the chain, I can forgive the aesthetic loss in favor of the bag’s functional gain. You do have to be able to use a bag for it to be fabulous, after all. It also has pockets stashed here and there and a light lining for ease of use, but the bag’s best feature is obviously its price. Buy through Saks for $795.

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  • Stacy

    I only have one question…why is the flap smaller than the bag. It’s seems shorter on both sides by like a 1/2 inch or maybe even more. I thought flaps were supposed to cover the whole opening of the bag and not leave anything exposed, per se. Maybe I’m wrong. It just doesn’t look right to me somehow. The color is nice though, but I’m still not a quilted fan.

    • cge

      I agree with Stacy…the smaller flap is bugging me! Other than that it looks fine, but not to die for. Like the color! I’m just surprised that someone as ingenious as Marc Jacobs resorts to designs that are even remotely like those of other designers. He’s a true original himself, so these quilted bags are an unusual choice for him, in my humble opinion.

  • I am unsure why you did not make a post with this title: ““Look for Less if You Want to Spend an Amount of Money That Is Merely Asinine Instead of Completely Outrageous”

    It would have been amazing!! :)

    I think there is some resemblance but I never found it to be as close of a resemblance as other people tend to.

    • AA

      Me too, I think the Chanel flap and the MJ Single is completely different. I never found them alike. Lovely & a Classic! :D

  • annabelle

    its cute
    love the color!!!

    but i like my chanel better…but i can’t say this is entirely not attractive either since it’s cute nice!!!

    was marc jacobs always so inexpensive???? or does the price fluctuate depending on style and material like any other designer? i always thought the bags were minimum $1000+


  • annabelle

    cute & nice (oopsies)

  • Mika

    nah.. i dont like it at all.. (fb)

  • marian t

    its a nice bag, but the flap been small takes it away.(fb)

  • swags

    Its cute but I don’t have a lot to say about it. Once others pointed out the flap it started to bug me too. I like the color but would spend $795 on something else.

  • I think the flap may appear smaller because the bag has nothing in it in these photos. If the bag was full, it would have some depth to it that would take away from the length of the bag’s body. I’ve seen a couple of versions of these MJ flap bags in person and didn’t notice the flap seeming small.

    • h.a.k


  • Annon

    I think it looks a lot like the reissue. I have a larger quilted MJ which is tote-size and the Chanel classic flap. They look so different that it doesn’t look like an “asinine” priced “knock-off.” If you get the MJ in a different shape, size, and color from the Chanel, then I think it doesn’t look like a “resemblence,” but it instead just looks like a lovely bag. Love both of my bags, but I wouldn’t get the blue and gold one featured here because it really does look like a wannabe to me. But no offense to anyone who likes it! Maybe I am just not sophisticated enough! :D

  • LuluMakeup25

    I completely agree with everyone’s statement about the flap… it just looks/seems odd. Otherwise, it looks like a lovely bag.

  • Leticia

    As much as I like this purse, especially the hardware… it’s no Chanel. :p

  • faith24

    well it is still quite pricey and it is still a knock-off. I can sort of understand 20 dollar knockoffs of Chanel bags sold at so many mall kiosks. I cannot understand when someone like Marc Jacobs who obviously is a great designer on his own wastes his talent making an 800 dollar knockoff.

    • Merve

      here here

    • Leticia

      Absolutely. If this was a Forever 21 bag there would be a lawsuit and everyone would be horrified, but since it’s Marc Jacobs, then suddenly it’s only a quilted purse? Oh please!

  • sofia nolan

    Wonderful! Dark blue+golden is one hell of a combination

  • Valentina

    Don’t like it. I don’t like that the flap is smaller than the bag. I don’t know, when it gets to quilted bags, I can’t help to think about Chanel and expect greatness… and I imagine I’m not the only one, I’m sure. (fb)

  • Sarah

    If I am going to buy a chain flap bag, it is going to be Chanel. However, this bag seems to be a little less of a knockoff than most of his other bags. I think the most unfortunate thing is that Marc who is incredibly talented has resorted to making most of the bags each season look like cheaper versions of Chanel. Marc, you are very talented, act like it.

  • ashley

    seriously, the chain and quilted leather are enough reasons for me not to buy it. seriously it’s like christian dior releasing a monogram bag

  • Rachel

    This bag reminds me a lot of the MJ Quilted Mary done a couple years ago. I have it but it unfortunately doesn’t have the leather shoulder piece you talk about..I wish it did.

    I love Chanel’s designs, but I don’t think Chanel has a monopoly on quilts and chains. It’s a bit frustrating when edgy and modern bags get criticized for being to “Chanel-like” just for certain features. To me, this bag screams Marc Jacobs with the nature of the quilting and the detail of the hardware. Also, the Balenciaga Matelasse received this bad rep which I find ridiculous as i find the Matelasse to be very unique.

  • Karin bag4bag

    I agree that Chanel shouldn’t be seen as having the monopoly on quilting and chain straps. It is just when you put BOTH of those elements together that we are reminded of the reissue bag. I like this MJ bag for its color and style.

    • Merve

      Im not gonna rant again about MJ’s Chanel knock offs but i have to agree with Karin. No one should have a monopoly on quilting or chains but BOTH together on a rectangular bag? Im just on the lookout for an interlinking MJ clasp to imitate the CC logo or a knock off Chanel classic ballet pump.

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  • Jane

    I think the flap is smaller just to add some aesthetic appeal to the bag and making it a little different than the Chanel. I like this bag a lot I think its more comfortable to wear because of the leather strap. I have pointy shoulders and chains tend to dig into my shoulder. The price is of course much better. (fb)

  • Leslie

    I never really thought the MJ really resembled the Chanels’. Yes it has a chain and quilting but the structures of the bags are different. Personally I want both =P

  • Savannah

    Gorgeous! (fb)

  • Jocelyn

    I like it but I don’t love it. (fb)

  • Nicole

    I love that MJ is doing an XL Single! I’m all for getting the original Single first… but then, oh then, nothing but XL for me, ladies!!!! tPF is such an enabling place to be!

    And I don’t care that it resembles Chanel; I love MJ’s more any day. And the leather part of the chain.


  • Dawn

    love love love it. i think i still need one…just need to decide on a color…or just go with black? this is the bag that i can’t get off of my mind! (ipad)

  • roxana

    Love this bag in classic black. Classy and elegant.

  • Bag Lover

    I bought this bag in black and love it. its functional and I love the styling and the big gold chain. I wore it today and got a lot of compliments. Chanel would never be a consideration as spending $4000 on a bag is beyond insane.

  • BklynBabe

    I don’t feel there is any comparison between the Jumbo, which is made to a very very high standard, with the extra flap, secret love letter compartment, beautiful red kid leather lining and concave , sensuously curved envelope flap on the Chanel and this MJ purse. MJ bags have been going down in quality the last few years, especially the sewing, the quality of the leather, and the lining fabrics. So while I would not find fault with anyone who carries this bag — it is not the same quality. A better comparision would be between this MJ line and the Kate Spade quilteds.