Lara Bohinc Laratina Denim Bag

Well, it has been one week since my big move to the Big Apple. Let me just say, I am loving it. I can’t lie, it would be great if Vlad were here, but he should be making a visit soon. This weekend I did lots of exploring. Let me tell you, if you come to NYC, you will never ever worry about finding a Starbucks. There are at least 8 within 1 mile of my apartment. I love it. On my twice-daily trips to Starbucks, I have seen all sorts of different people. That is one guarantee if you are living in the city. Today I saw the most eclectic woman. On first glance I thought I may totally not like anything about her outfit, but then I realized that I actually did appreciate her bag. It was ornate and completely different than what I usually see. Oddly enough, I have found it! The mystery bag is the Lara Bohinc Laratina Denim Bag. Not everyone may appreciate the originality of the bag, but I think certain people can surely pull it off (I just don’t think I am one of them!). This bag is a ruched dark blue denim shoulder bag that is trimmed with chocolate brown leather. The plaited handle is quirky and different and is finished off with gold chain detail on both ends. When I saw the bag, the handle somewhat resembled a grape vine or a snake- but that was probably the gold mesh knot detail on the front. Ok so really, this bag is different- but so many of us have such different styles that it is ok. Finishing off the bag is peacock satin lining. Well, yes, this bag is very different and ornate, but if you are that classy lady that is more than able to pull it off, rock it out girl. It is now on sale via Net-A-Porter for $433.57.


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