Furla Elisabeth Medium Shoulder Bag
Furla Elisabeth Medium Shoulder Bag

Croc-embossed leather has the ability of looking pretty chic or looking cheap. I have run into many bags that are croc-embossed and pull it off beautifully. But those that do not, well they just look quite tacky if you ask me. From a photo stand point, the Furla Elisabeth Medium Shoulder Bag has a great croc-embossed leather look to it. The hobo-shaped bag sports this faux-croc in a purple shade, which is very seasonal but a nice shade nonetheless. I realize that spring is on its way, so the pastels are coming out, but I find this bags very hard to use for more than a few months which makes them a no-go for me. But if you like this color and don’t mind it not lasting for months at a time, this is a good bag at a good price. There is a detachable canvas shoulder strap along with a leather shoulder strap. Dimensions are 17″W X 15″H X 5″D. So tell us, do you go for pastel bags or steer clear because they can not be used enough? Buy through Saks for $555.

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  • amanda

    I really, really love the style of this bag. However, the pastel purple color is not only impractical, it wouldn’t even go with anything in my wardrobe! Alas, i wish they made it in more of a plum..

  • Lisa

    I like the material and the style, and have some croco embossed bags myself. But the pastels just look like Easter Eggs to me and I don’t use them enough to be worth the costs. If I find myself wearing a pastel (rarely! as I feel like a BIG easter egg then too!) I usually move into a white or cream bag.

  • Diane

    I think this bag is very cute and sporty. But, I would not buy it either as it seems too much like an Easter egg color. I know that purple bags are hard to find as I have a friend who likes all things purple. But, I think a darker shade would be more practical and sell better.

  • PJH

    Love this bag. I work in the valley, here in California, and the Furla image is a little tarnished because there’s a store in the local mall. Granted, the Topanga Mall is exquisite, with a Michael Kors and a Burberry, but it’s still Furla, in a mall in the valley. But, this bag is very delicious. I love Easter egg colors.

  • Deanna Belli

    I have bags I carry in the summer, and bags for fall/winter. I have and do purchase bags in seasonal colors. Nothing like a punch of lime, pink, or even purple to add some flair to the spring and summer wardrobe, also an alternative to a white/cream bag. Michael Kors is doing some nice bags this season, but unfortunately are unavailable already as a pre-order.

  • Kelley

    I love the bag, hate that canvas strap! It really takes away from an otherwise lovely bag.

    • lipvixen

      Exactly my sentiment!

  • mette

    The color and shape is cute,but for how long?

  • Monica

    I have a croc-embossed winter white Furla bag and I find it really looks great in the dreary winter here in Paris. Mine has a shiny finish but I’m wondering what do most ladies prefer, a matte, non-shiny surface or more of a brilliant croc finish? I was looking at the Lancel store on the Champs last night and they have a special edition, red Premier-Flirt (their huge bestseller) in aligator. It’s 5000 euros and its got a matte finish. I have this same bag in black shiny croc embossed leather and I think it’s prettier and more versatile. By the way, I love the pastels but would use it so rarely, would rather spend the money on an umpteenth white bag! http://www.lancel.com

  • janis

    I love everything about it except the strap. The color is nice and muted, yet fresh. The size and style are perfect…the croc finish is lovely and elegant. But the strap can be removed and there are handles so… :???:

  • Debra

    I saw this bag cheap at this website http://www.getabag.com

  • deb

    i just got this bag in the most supple black leather for a STEAL. only $114 at off saks.

  • LOVE the bag! I think it would look great with the right outfit. If I had more money then would buy the pastel but otherwise would go with a neutral color…http://tinyurl.com/6zmurp

  • Алексей

    Вообще, когда видишь такое, посещает мысль, а ведь это ж так просто, ну почему я это не смог придумать Респект :)