Treesje Mortale Tote GrandeEver take a look at a bag and think to yourself, “Self, why in the world do I like this?” Well, that’s what I thought when I laid eyes on the Treesje Mortale Tote Grande. I had a punk phase in high school, so as an adult, I’ve never been a big fan of the ironic skulls fashion thing. Not when Alexander McQueen did it, not when Thomas Wylde did it, not ever. I didn’t hate it, but I felt like my time to wear skulls had passed, and I needed a more subtle nod to my previous self to incorporate into my wardrobe. And I also don’t like pictures of things on bags – I normally find it distracting and a cop-out for a designer that couldn’t think of anything interesting to do without drawing pictures. And yet, as I said. I like this bag a lot, and I’m trying to put my finger on exactly why that is. It’s a pretty standard, functional shape. The color is nice – gunmetal is a great neutral and the bit of glam shine gives it a little something, I think. Treesje usually uses really chewy, soft leather, too, so I bet it would be great to touch. And there are little macabre skulls all over it, which I had thought I had grown out of…but maybe not. And the whole effect is sort of tone-on-tone, so maybe it’s possible to have a bag that SUBTLY has skulls all over it? Honestly, I’m not sure. But I am sure that I like it. For some reason. Buy through Luna Boston for $498.

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  • jennyfir

    I agree with pretty much all you’ve said in this post Amanda. When Treesje first previewed this collection last year, I only saw the bag in white with gold skulls, and I liked it then, but didn’t love the color. As soon as I saw the gunmetal version, it was on my wish list, and as soon as my tax refund came in, Luna Boston got an order from me. The leather does feel great. I’m definitely a big fan of this bag.

  • skiddo2000

    I actually love this tote. It appeals to my delinquent side!

  • Joe

    Love this collection!
    I snagged the Gunmetal travel tote the second they came in!

  • EL

    Love it but no more stock in anywhere.