Tory Burch Thalie ToteOk, so, I know Tory Burch is, like, a “thing.” There are flats in all manner of color and texture bearing her name and little symbol doodad, and even Gossip Girl has referenced her (and when that happens, you KNOW she’s made it). But I have to say…I’ve yet to see a handbag from her line that’s made me want to get up off my couch, so to speak. Take the Tory Burch Thalie Tote, for example. Perhaps my lack of enthusiasm is because of my preternatural opposition to obvious logos, and this bag is one giant, obvious logo. I’m sure that’s part of it, and probably a big part of my distaste for her line in general, but that’s not the entire issue.

The rest of my problem is with the proportions that she uses for a lot of her bags. The Thalie Tote is a pretty large bag (and a north/south proportion at that – always tricky to design), and it’s got a small handle for hand-carry at the top and a thin, unimpressive chain strap for shoulder carry. Neither of those carrying options seems that attractive to me, and neither seems to match the bag itself very well. Not that this would be a particularly easy bag to match – red patent overlay over a beige pattern is not a gold medalist in the Aesthetics Olympics, if you catch my drift. Buy through Nordstrom for $550.

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  • Amanda R

    Yeah. I see what you mean. I’m not feeling. Looks rather stiff and uncomfortable.

  • Emily

    I completely 100% agree with what you said about Tory Burch. “But I have to say…I’ve yet to see a handbag from her line that’s made me want to get up off my couch, so to speak.” They’re all just totes with logos. I actually don’t mind logos sometimes, I think Kate Spade used to do them somewhat well. I don’t know, I never see any of these bags that I actually like. They all look like beach bags to me for some reason…