Right on first glance, looking at the smaller image of this bag, I liked it! Then there was a mini downer, the downer that showed embossing of the Tory Burch name across the bag. Do I yearn for this look? Not exactly. The thing is, I am not a huge lover of over-logoed bags. Read what I have said at Purse Blog, no over-logoing, thank you very much. But as much as it was a mini-downer, the Tory Burch Embossed Jordana Tote does not show off the logo too intensely on the patent leather bag. In fact, you can get away with just thinking that the bag has some texture to it, rather than the Tory Burch logo all over it. And at first glance, I love the bag! Especially in bright sunny yellow patent-leather. The contrast leather trim and logo studs at the front and back offsets the sunshine gleaming from the yellow leather. There are double top handles and the interior is lined and offers a zipper pocket and two patch pockets. Measurements are 11.5″H x 16″L x 3.5″D. And while there is a black version (blah) and a frost grey/brown version, the yellow version has my attention. So my final thoughts, well, I need to see how Tory Burch this bag is in person. Does it call out too much or does it slide by perfectly, showing the designer name but not over-doing it? Buy through Shop Bop for $495.

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  • Kate

    Agree about “over-logoed” bags. It’s what turns me off many otherwise very nice Juicy bags, and what usually keeps me far away from Coach.

  • KathGrace

    Couldn’t agree more, Megs. The over branding is a deterrent for many purchasers. I’d enjoy this shape in a non-logo version.

  • kareng

    I like Tory Burch for the most part as a designer, but I agree with disliking most logoed bags. I love the look of most Marc Jacobs bags, but hate when his name is written on the front of the bag. I would much rather he have his initials or name Marc somewhere not so visible.
    Why is it though that we don’t think twice about buying a Gucci monogram or an LV? Is it that we feel that they have earned the right to openly display their logos?

  • Kameron

    I wish also that this bag was not overly logoed! If it only had a solid texture with the normal gold Tory Burch hardware it would have been a winner!