Alexander Wang Neoprene and Resin Rocco, $770 via Alexander Wang

Anyone who’s ever picked up an Alexander Wang Rocco Bag knows one thing for sure – IT’S HEAVY. As tempting as the bag might be for a certain subset of customers, weight is always a surefire way to dissuade a large portion of handbag lovers from considering a particular design as a viable option. It looks like Alexander Wang has heard that message loud and clear, because he’s promising that the Alexander Wang Neoprene and Resin Rocco is the lightest version of the bag yet. So how exactly did he accomplish that?

Instead of using the thick (read: heavy) leather that we’re all accustomed to finding on the Rocco, Wang used a thinner, lighter leather backed with neoprene, which weighs next to nothing but still gives the bag its signature visual heft. Wang also changed the material for the signature sheet of studs on the bag’s underside – using resin instead of metal also cuts down on the weight without losing the look.

The neoprene backing on the leather appears to give the bag a tad more structure than the original Rocco, but neoprene is pliable and soft, so I’m guessing that a minimal amount of wear will reintroduce the bag’s signature slouch (and the structure may be a result of an overstuffed bag used for the stock photo anyway). Are you over the Rocco entirely, or is this new version giving you pause to reconsider the Alexander Wang staple? Price is $770 via Alexander Wang.

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  • Sandra Rowley

    I have always thought the Rocco a great bag. I think part of the reason I like it is the heavy leather, metal stud look that it brought. I considered purchasing one about a year ago but I think they are made in China so I reconsidered. The original version with the heavy textured leather and metal studs make me think the quality of the materials would be superior to the bag pictured above…no I would not consider buying this one.

  • mochababe73

    Frankly, I thought it was the studs that made it so heavy. When I picked up the bag, I actually looked inside of it to see if it was weighted with something. I doubt if it will be that much lighter unless the studs were made shallow.
    By the way, WWD has reported on the most expensive Hermes bag sold at public auction on Tuesday. ASTRONOMICAL does not begin to cover it.

    • We’re going to have a post on the Hermes auction tomorrow! Working on it now!

  • QQ

    i bought my forest green rocco, in july 2010. i use it almost everyday. yes, it is heavy but i love the color (almost works as a neutral) and the shape. the bag is always a conversation starter (or stopper—ahem, airport security). it was my first major bag purchase and i have to say i am somewhat disillusioned now. i fully understood that the bags were manufactured in china, but i really appreciate wang’s approach to design and that justified any doubts i had. within the last week i noticed the leather had completely rubbed off the piping in one spot exposing white plastic (i knew this as an existing problem with some bags thanks to TPF) and coupled with the stitching that has been coming loose on one of the handles, i am saddened somewhat (ok–totally bummed). yes, i was rough on the bag but considering its weight and general heft, i figured it could handle it. i guess i was wrong. i will still use it, but i seriously doubt i will ever buy a rocco again. i have another AW bag (luggage brenda) which i hardly use. i am considering buying another style of his bags just because i enjoy the aesthetic, but honestly for a rocco fanatic like i was, i am somewhat “over it” so-to-speak. i think my next “major” bag purchase will be from a more established label, such as givenchy or proenza schouler.

    • I’ve had somewhat questionable quality experiences with Alexander Wang as well, which is a shame because I love his aesthetic so much. I bought a pair of black-on-black brocade leggings at his sample sale a few months ago and they appeared to be of excellent quality – super thick, winter-weight material with tons of details. I was really excited to wear them the first time when it finally got cold enough! But after two hours of wear, when I came home and took them off, one of the seams split in two.

      It wasn’t even at a part of the pant that was particularly stretched or that receives any stress during normal wear – it was down the inside of my calf. I paid $100 for them, but they originally retailed for about $500 and were a runway piece. I would have been absolutely LIVID if I had paid full price and the same thing had happened. Thankfully, my tailor fixed them.

      • QQ

        see?! that is so disappointing. i paid full price for the rocco (which was like almost $950 w/ tax), which at that point in my life was the most money i had ever spent on anything fashion-related. thank god your tailor could fix the pants, unfortunately this can’t really be fixed (the handle, yes, but the piping, no). since this is “wear and tear” i doubt there is much i can argue about, but it still is heart wrenching. i am even more skeptical about the quality of this particular bag because i have experience with sewing plastic and paper, etc. and i can just foresee the leather/neoprene ripping at the seams, not to mention it looks like naugahyde or cheap vinyl!

  • rose60610

    I like AW bags and heaviness does not deter me from buying something I like. In most cases heaviness is a plus to me. This bag style appeals to me, but I can’t make out the hardware too well. So far I like what I see. Reading the comment on AW leggings gives me pause on his clothes. I had a similar experience with a pair of Alaia pants. I paid $250 for originally priced $900 black wool pants and had a seam come apart even though there was no stress on it. Most astronomically priced clothing does not impress me.

  • Debi

    I love the look of the Alexander Wang Rocco Bag but the heaviness of it has prevented me from buying it. I have noticed that I do not use my heavier bags as often as my other bags so weight is an issue. I would purchase this bag if it is light enough. I am hoping this version is the answer to my problems.

  • Rita

    I was really looking forward to getting this bag, but I’ve read quite a few bad reviews on the quality of leather, and this one being thinner kind of worries me a little!

  • Angie

    I purchased a black Rocco and a brown Coco..I barely use the Coco, but the black Rocco I use about a week a month and has leather that has torn apart from the seam on the handles. I have only owned this bag for a year and that seems ridiculous for this to be happening so soon or at all. I am not hard on my bags in the least. I would not be interested in purchasing any more of the AW Rocco’s, but still love many of his other bags and clothes for that matter.

  • pixiegirl

    I just got my first AW bag this week. I’ve eyed them for a while I love the leather and the studs but the weight has always put me off. I really liked one of the f/w colors and was seriously considering buying it but I didn’t. I was browsing on barneys and they had the color I wanted on sale (black friday) so I caved in and bought it because it was such a great price. Honestly if it weren’t for that I probably wouldn’t have got it even though I love the bag./style. So far I’m enjoying it but an a tad worried about the QC issues I’ve about on TPF. I’m hoping I’m lucky and I got a good one.

    That being said I’m honestly not liking this rocco when I think rocco I think thick pebbly leather. Its one of the things that lures me into this bag. I saw this on their website and honestly I didn’t know that it was leather I saw the neoprene and I was thinking isn’t that what scuba suits are made of? I’m glad you explained a bit how it was made,. Maybe I’d feel differently after seeing it IRL.

  • Janis

    It doesn’t look quite as nice as the pebbled Roccos….and I wonder how sturdy the resin stuns would be?

  • Sosti

    Love it and will be looking out for it in stores. I’m a fan of AW bags despite the weight.

  • Shannon

    I love the Rocco, and one of the things holding me back from saving up for one was the weight. My friend has a pebbled leather one, and I couldn’t believe how heavy it was with barely anything in it when she let me hold it. So a lighter one is definitely something I’d reconsider, I love anything black and studded.

  • Jessy

    I don’t like the plastic-y look of this. I bought the Rocco for its studs and heaviness (that I knew came along with it). I love my laser cut one and wouldn’t trade it for a lighter one!

    I have 3 AW bags and 4-5 pieces of his clothing. Everything is still intact, so I don’t have any problems with the quality of his products. I’ve used my Rocco & Donna many many MANY times, too!

  • CHazell

    I love the look of the other Rocco’s! The juxtaposition of the metal and the thick leather just seems a higher quality than the version presented here…I can just envision the wear and tear on this bag being not as good…. (metal v plastic; thick v. thin)… it might me lighter but I sure hope it lasts just as long if not longer!

  • Lizzy

    I actually prefer heavier bags, not too sure if I would buy this one – especially after having read various comments, both here and elsewhere, about the quality of AW. Might look elsewhere for a new large bag… Although the Rocco is beautiful to look at, I must admit.

  • elizabeth

    I have always wanted the Rocco but all of the quality comments above really are making me think twice. At this price point I really expect great quality.

  • bisbee

    I have the original (before the name changed) – and I got it for a fabulous price with a coupon code – had to wait on a list for several months! I love it – but don’t wear it very often due to the weight. This bag doesn’t appeal to me – the thing I love about the original is the texture of the leather.

    Since I don’t use it often, I haven’t had any problems with quality!

  • nappy

    i love the original Rocco.. the leather is just sumptuous and very slouchy,, it just begs you to touch it… while this one looks like something that will come out of the “classic” designers.. not one that will come out of an edgy, urban cool designer like Alex..

  • Shirley J

    The everyday bag!!!!!! and a bonus…its lightweight….perfection!

  • Elyse Greenberg

    The rocco is a great bag but the heaviness still deters me from investing in one. It’s a heavy bag to begin with, so once you put all your stuff in there it becomes almost unmanageable

  • erinleighstevie

    I was lusting after a Rocco for quite some time. But after reading about the heaviness, it did deter me. Now that I have read the above comments, I am also deterred in terms of questionable quality. No AW bags for me anytime soon. I’ll stick with his shoes for now.

  • Alice

    It’s lovely and sleek but I think there’s a point where simplicity overreaches and just becomes plain boring. I see the studs on the bottom and thank goodness for that or else this would just be a plain black leather bag.

  • Katia

    I love it! It’s a great everyday bag! I don’t like heavy bags for everyday use

  • monica

    hmm I kinda like the slouchy look and the pebbled leather the original Rocco had…

  • Nadia

    I’d rather stick with the heavier leather version than have a plastic bag with that pricetag! The Rocco is stunning, don’t downgrade!!!!

  • Mari

    It looks ok but I think I’m in the: I don’t care that it’s heavy if I love it-category

  • Shereen

    $770 for a non-leather bag is pretty ridiculous although most people pay the same for coated canvas bags from LV and Gucci and the like. My wallet hurts just thinking about it.

  • Jennie

    My first designer bag purchase was the Rocco in the classic combo, black with brass studs. It has turned me into a Wang fangirl but this Neoprene Rocco has me on the fence. The defining feature of the Rocco, aside form the bullets, is the pebbled leather. The smooth appearance of the neoprene looks cheap, in my opinion. The gray with resin studs is a bit more forgiving but only if it went on sale, to be honest.

  • Sarah

    I will be opening a Rocco for Christmas, however neoprene is such a strange material that I don’t think it should go with the word “purse”. It reminds me too much of the reel covers I used to sell working for an outdoor retailer.

  • fran

    The fact that it’s lighter is definitely a bonus, but I don’t think I would sacrifice the classic pebbled leather and metal studs just for that. I like the look too much.

  • camilla

    nice one… essential and very refined

  • Mila

    I purchased the leather rocco satchel w/gold hardware about 2 months ago and I love it! It is a heavy bag but I think it’s worth it:)

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  • turadosapuay

    is this for a men handbag?