Y’all, I am freezing. Vlad and I are in Ohio for an alumni weekend filled with a little swimming and Ohio State football and all I can think about it how utterly cold I am. The multiple layers aren’t cutting it and it is only in the mid-40’s. This Florida girl is a true Florida girl.

When I spotted the Tory Burch Fur Hobo on ShopBop, I felt a slight sensation of warmth come over me. It was short-lived, but it happened, and for that I am grateful. You know why else I am grateful? This bag is seriously stylish and that can’t be said for many fur bags (check out our six worst fur bags for fall).

The entire hobo is made from imported rabbit fur with a gold chain strap. The overall design is entirely simple, almost Stella McCartney-esque, with the gold chain shoulder strap. While I’m not typically drawn to fur bags (and trust me, I am aware how strongly many feel about fur being used for fashion), this one finds a way to draw me in. The inside has a zip pocket and two patch pockets, which is perfect for your everyday needs. Overall dimensions are 14″H x 12″L x 5″D. Buy via ShopBop for $725.

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  • 19yearslater

    Eh, not loving it. It’s a little too much like a pelt, Davy Crockett’s girlfriend style.

  • Kat

    While this is arguably the best-looking fur bag I’ve seen, it’s still a no for me. Apart from the ethical issues (those cute rabbits! :[ ) it still isn’t an aesthetically pleasing bag to me. I think carrying it will make me look like I was carrying a fur pillow under my arm.


  • BiG

    as all of the fur bags I’ve seen this one is kinda cute and the design is practical comparing to fur bags from Versace or those $4000 Chanel fur bags.

  • Administrator chen


  • bir

    oo i like it if only the strap was leather!!!!

  • KoutureCrochet.com

    Still no on the fur bags. I remember seeing a fur clutch years ago that I thought looked nice.

  • rose60610

    I love fur, but rabbit is cheap, cheap, cheap. (Rabbit is a VERY renewable resource, like we need to be reminded.) While I respect others’ “no fur” views, I’d rather sandbag my dollars to drop on mink, raccoon, chinchilla, muskrat, or even beaver. When something is made of rabbit fur, it shouldn’t cost more than $5. I’d go faux before I’d go rabbit, it’s a better value, I don’t care if “Gucci” or the ilk is on the rabbit label.

  • EmJay

    I love (faux) fur, but like bir said I wish it had a different, thicker strap. I don’t like metal handles, one reason I never buy quilted handbags.

  • Mariah

    I like it BUT I wish the fur was faux (I have a pet rabbit)

  • saygraceplease

    It’s one of the best furs I’ve seen but like everyone says, I wish it was faux fur.

  • bonniesgirl

    It makes me sad