Tano Secret Diservice HoboDespite the fact that I, at times, appear to be completely incapable of editing my own work (and that appearance would be correct, but editing your own work is completely disorienting and weird), I’m actually a pretty decent amateur copy editor. I’ve never been employed in the profession full-time, but I took a couple of mind-numbing classes on it in college and once you’ve done that, you can’t help but silently and automatically edit everything you read for the rest of your life. Restaurant menus, advertising, street signs, anything. And now, that includes bag names.

The Tano Secret Diservice Hobo‘s name is giving me fits. I know it’s not just Neiman Marcus that spelled it wrong – it’s spelled the same way on a number of other websites. And maybe they’re trying to make a funny play on words by using the prefix ‘di,’ meaning ‘two’ instead of ‘dis,’ which implies negation. But…what’s the joke? That it has two handles? Two handles isn’t exactly a revolutionary bag concept. Other than that, I like the bag – it avoids the super-shiny leather that a lot of people dislike in Tano‘s bags, and the braided handles add a nice accent to the simple design. It would be a nice everyday bag for someone that likes clean lines and neutral colors. If only I could get over the unfortunate error in its name. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $330.

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  • bunny

    it looks exactly like the Givenchy Sacca. check n see.

  • Amanda Mull

    Yeah, I hadn’t thought about it, but I don’t even need to go look at the GIvenchy bag, I know exactly what you’re talking about. Exact same shape.