Are you familiar with Tano bags? I know many of you probably are, but I’m betting that a bunch of you might not be. Their popularity has grown quickly and steadily on the Forum, and they seem to be garnering a lot of attention from retail locations as well. They were recently added to Bergdorf Goodman‘s website, and today I saw the Tano Fabulousness Tote.

Tano Fabulousness Tote

As everyone here knows, I’m no fan of brown, but does this not look EXACTLY like wonderful and delicious milk chocolate? And I’m definitely a fan of chocolate (my mom taught me well). I like the shape and it looks like it would be functional, but what really has me drooling is the amazing shade of brown – if more brown bags were like this one, I might not hate on them so hard all over this website. One thing that worries me about the brand in general, though, is the leather. When I’ve seen Tano bags in person, the leather has always seemed like the kind I normally don’t like – thin and shiny. Am I missing something? Did I just not see good examples? If anyone that has one of this brand’s bags could enlighten me in the comments, I’d appreciate it. Buy through Bergdorf for $250.

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  • Mama M

    Looks cheap (of course, $250 is cheap compared to most of the bags reviewed :-). Something is bothering me about the straps, esp. the ones that go down the bag. The leather doesn’t look right. I’ve seen cuter bags at Target. In fact, some of (dare I say?) Jessica Simpson’s bags look much better than this. lol I think Amanda just fainted.

  • Zarka

    I don’t know why but I like any bag in any shade of brown…Maybe getting a bit “ol” in my style….But I like this bag….

  • luvhautecouture

    hmmm, yea the straps down the front are kind of tacky to me. definitely looks like a chocolate bar though!

  • Emma

    Ugh I hate Tano

  • Jessica

    I have owned 3 Tano bags. I still own two of them, one didn’t hold up well so I sold it on ebay.

    I have the boogie bucket bag in Pool Blue and another style I am not sure of the name of in a winter white. I will admit that i didn’t fall in love with the quality – but it’s worth what you will pay. Its thin “crinkle’ leather that becomes easily distressed. Its definatley a one-season bag. I used my bucket bag all last fall and it’s not in the type of shape I want for my new spring bag even though the color is perfect.

    I have yet to see a “real dept store” carry Tano. I got both of mine at Ej Shoe Boutique in Scottsdale, so it’s tough to say the exact price range for them but I paid less than $200 for both of mine.

    Not a bad bag for someone on a budget.

  • TygerKitty

    I own 30+ Tanos and haven’t had a single issue with any of them. Yes, the leather looks shiny when you first get it but unless you TRY to keep it shiny it just melts into a puddly, soft pile of lovely leather!

    “Real” department stores don’t carry Tano because Tano refuses to sell to them. They like smaller boutiques that are extremely good at customer service and tailoring to their vision.

    I have the fabulousness bag in pink lemonade with contrasting brown trim. It looks terrific in pink and looks scrumptious in this brown. I am not a huge fan of brown bags either but tano makes them look so chocolatey I just can’t help myself sometimes!

    And to Amanda, if you want more reviews of the leather, visit us on the forum yourself! We’d love to see you there!

  • TymeFlies

    I have owned 5 Tanos total and 3 only lasted one season and looked older than my aunts vintage bags. I am ok with distressed but they just looked terrible to carry the next season and I am very careful with my bags and even condition & protect them. I understand the distressed look but it happens too quickly. These bags are not quality bags. I understand they are priced cheaper to reflect they are not top quality but to me they are still overpriced for what you get. I would never pay retail for Tano. $100-150 is about all they are worth. The styles are ok if you can stand the cheap thin lining (prison jumper suit orange most of the time…yuck!). The leather is not great quality and I even had some hardware and cheap zipper issues with my bags.

  • TygerKitty

    Tano crunch leather is SUPPOSED to distress quickly.

  • Tina

    Looks cheap! Not a fan of the straps either. Have to agree with the above that I’ve seen cuter bags at Target. Plus I owned a few Tanos but the bags look old and unusable way too quickly. Distressed and worn out looking are not one in the same. Decent bags for around $100….but not worth $200+.

    I do like that shade of brown though and I’m usually not a fan of brown bags.

  • Kim

    TygerKitty – Given that you have 30+ plus Tanos, why are you worrying about what other people think of the brand? Enjoy your bags and stop trying to defend them. Otherwise, you look like you have a chip on your shoulder bigger than a Boogie. Just because you’re a fan doesn’t mean that everyone else should be too.

  • Mandy

    I own bags from $30 – $1500, and Tano bags are, in my opinion, not bad at all. I love the way the crunch leather distresses. It is supposed to weather – that’s the point. I’ve not had any quality problems with mine, and I actually like that they are lightweight. Some bags are so heavy! While I appreciate awesome, thick leather, my shoulders can’t take a bag that starts out heavy before anything’s even put inside. I have found the Tano Sexbomb to be a perfect size and shape for me. If I have any complaint with Tano, it’s that I don’t love all the brown trim on almost all of their bags, including the black bags. I’d love to see a better selection of styles, and especially some styles with either tone-on-tone trim, or some black trim. For those of you who have had these bags last only one season, I’d love to know what you’re doing with them, as mine have been fine for several years. There are several Tano bags on my fall shopping list!

  • Ugg Boots Discount Store

    I thought it would retail for alot more then that. Most minaudiere designers use swarvski crystals in their designs (ex leiber) and charge at least $1k more.